SS's 22nd bday celebration @ Topone KTV

*Feeling stressed... all of a sudden.*

Woke up early in the morning and met Michelle and we went down to Bugis to get SS's bday cake. Decided with Polar's choco cake in the end. We gt SS a rabbit hairband too cos MT kept saying she thinks SS looks super compatible and cute with it on haha!

Can't rmb when's the last time I sang at TOPONE... very long ago le ba. 7 of us went today: SS, WT, Michelle, MT, LC, XY and me. I think I haven't sing till so "siao" like today ba!? My voice was totally hoarse after the whole singing session from 11am to 6pm lor lol. Each person ard 17bucks... ok lo. Sadly, the drinks were too sweet... the nugget was nt bad though.
They are a "very high" bunch of ppl... esp MT and SS... oh and WT gets "high" when she saw Edison on-screen LOL! XY oso affected by us... started dancing a bit haha. Oh yeah... talk about dance... LC was so sexy with her "hip dance" when we sung“神奇”... she超级会“扭”la~ But then LC can really slp anywhr and anytime sia... she fell aslp on the sofa in the beginning while we all were singing sia~ lazy gal haha.

Some photos taken by MT and Michelle tat I found "fun" lol... esp the last one whr SS and I "kidnapped and forced" the youngest XY to wear the rabbit hairband LOL!
And who took down this "piece of evidence"!? Michelle~ haha.

WT and LC left early, and the 5 of us went Wong Kor Cha Chan Teng to have dinner and discussed HC102's assignment. This is giving us heahaches... sian. SS left after dicussing. Anyway, the noodle I had today was too spicy I tot.

Gt 2 new watches at Bugis V... for 10bucks. The one I gt from China, very nice one that I had been wearing all along had it's strap broken a few days ago... sad. And I settled my HC102 finally~ nt gonna edit it le for nw!
*XF called me at night and asked me to join in her church's karaoke singing competition this coming Sat... I turned her down cos church... erm... haha.*

Ok... this collage done by MT ends the day~


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