*Everytime I missed the chance to do anything gd, my heart flinched. Wat am I ashame/afraid of?*

Talked on the phone with aunt for 2+hrs ysn... omg 1st time I talked to her for so long.

*It wasn't on purpose. I know I'm sorry, but my stupid stubborn personality juz refused. And it aches inside.*

Was on the shuttle bus to Pioneer with YY this afternoon, after lunch at Canteen B. There was this Indian gal juz beside me and listening to her conversation was a bit hard for me: "... on my way to pioneer mrt and then to orchard and then to get some clothes and then to see my mum and then home and then shower and then msg you and then msg my friend and then hav dinner and then watch tv and then surf net and then wash up and then slp and then... (etc.) THAT'S ABOUT TAT." Of cos I can't exactly rmb the whole convo but it definitely left me an impression... she said the line above in one breath eh! My god... that's why I say she could go sing许哲佩's “气球”... 50秒不换气~ Lol. *我忍不了,偷笑了啦~*

On a fandom's sad note, 2PM's return at Dream Concert 2009 doesn't seem like a success... fans still want Jae Boem back. I'm sure the other 6 members do too. Honestly, I would want Jae Boem to come back too. Whatever he did wasn't grave mistake... I mean young ppl tend to say things straight. Korea media and netizens made a huge fuss. And DBSK... the dispute bet Hero, Xiah and Micky and SM company failed to come to an agreement. Seems like the 3 members weren't willing to continue with SM, but hopes that DBSK could still work as a grp. Haiz... I dun want such a great grp disbanding~ wat waste! With U-Know's drama showing and Max's drama coming up... I doubt SM would let them go.
Hmm on a happier note, I finished dling some of 2PM's shows that I really liked, as well as DBSK's 4th Live Tour Secret Dome Concert... HD o! QW's coming on sun and I hope we'd enjoy watching the shows together haha!

*Seems like it's nt easy getting rid of sth for gd. It takes time.*

COM415's like the heaviest thing on my mind nw... and nex would be exams. I seriously think there isn't enough time for revision. Tml's HC201 tut is like... 2 very long poems... sian. So here I am, having some entertainment b4 facing the music tml morning. *I realise as I face more stress, the more I would crave for entertainment.* As I have my bowl of maggie mee in front of me,
I caught Season 11 of "American's Next Top Model"...and Tyra Banks was doing some gibberish French and saying "My French is gd when I'm with my friends." So LOL.
This season seems fun with the Korean-Japanese gal, the transexual, the lesbian, the French cute Majourie and Clarks... whom looks dominating.


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