Went for dinner at JP with WZ. Tried Banten's "Clam and mushrms soup pasta" ($11.50)... oh it was rather nice. Shopped ard and WZ gt herself 2 tops and a dress haha. I din get anything cos none caught my eyes. I guess I've been seeing too many clothes these while... so much so tat I dun have feel the pinch to get them unless they're really unique imo.

Caught "Friendship" at ard 2+am... haha. Was pia-ing lit assignment b4 tat.Yeah watched this cos of Mario Maurer... he was one of the leads in "Love of Siam". August's a rather mischievious boy... he made fun of June, the new gal in class. It was after he found out about June's backgrd tat he started changing for the sake of her. Love blossomed bet this 2 young ppl.

They were separated, and August saw her only after 10yrs. The gal passed away in the end, but I tot the sad thing was wat those stupid guys did to her!

Rating: 3.5/5


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