I Love You, Beth Cooper


Spent half my day pia-ing hwk ysd, so it's "relax" day today hehe. QW came and both us went Boon Lay market for brunch. She wanted to hav Botak Jones but then it seems we din see the stall at all haha. So instead, we went to the market and I had鸡丝河粉... quite nice. Then we had the longan drink oso... $1 but nice. Went to look for a pair of sandals/slippers cos my old one鞋底早已经被削平了haha. Saw some similar style one but very ex neh... $30.

Went home and QW and I started watching some vids in mum's rm, cos mum and third uncle were singing in the living rm. We caught like 2PM vids and QW said she din like SNSD's Jessica... yeah I think I agree a bit cos Jessica looks a bit "plastic". QW said she only had one kind of expression... “一号表情”haha. That epi was only alright... I still tot the one with SHINee as guest was more fun cos I think guys and guys... they are more comfortable at playing and nt as shy when facing each other ba. Caught Dream Team and 2PM's "Wild Bunny" series. Hehe... I dunno if QW enjoyed la, but me myself yes cos I liked the grp mah haha. Still, I gt to say sometimes I dun get why they laugh so fiercely at some photos... cos I myself at most tot "Diaoz~ like tat ah?" After watching, she likes Chan Sung at 1st, but then soon after she preferred Taec Yeon... her type of guy haha.
*我很怕朋友不enjoy... 我会感到很不好意思, like I haven been a gd host when someone comes all the way down to my house.*

Time flies and soon it was evening... QW gope some shows from me and we went JP for dinner. Recommended Benten Cafe to her and I myself tried the tomato-sauced prawn pasta... a bit below average... nt "tomato-ish" enough, and the prawns weren't nice.The dessert, choco cake parfait was nice! Loved the cereals at the bottom and oreo with vanilla ice-cream rocks! QW had the green tea with some mochi ones... but sadly they were a bit hard though. One meal... 20bucks... oh我真的很奢侈neh~

Went into Helen, accessories shop. QW saw this "feathery hairband" and it was "love at 1st sight" lol... so she was bent on buying it. *similar to the one WZ and I gt* Gt 2 other hairbands, one with ribbon and 1 plain one. There was an offer that says if spend more than 50bucks in 1 receipt, there would be member card with 10% discount. QW tot my bday is near... so she said she would let me choose one thing from the store~ *Alamak... so privileged!* Her budget's like 25bucks... so I walked ard... and duh I chanced upon this blue crystal bracelet that I saw last time and tot was unique. Grabbed the price tag and saw "$24.90"~ Lol...太准了吧!? Other crystal ones were like 50+bucks lor... gosh ex neh.
In the end, she still spent less than 50bucks, cos accessories in tat store was sold according to 1 item full price, then e 2nd item 50% off. QW gt 4 in total, so she gt 2 items 50% off haha. Very nice bracelet I've here LOL... can't wait to wear hehe. Thkq QW!Went NTUC and gt sushi cos mum and bro wanted. QW gt a huge plate of sushi (only $16+) for her family too haha. *QW say can't go out with me... cos she always spend a lot while with me lol.* Then, I went to look for sandals at JP cos QW mentioned she saw some nice ones at Anna Nucci. Stepped in and WOW~ I loved almost the whole store la lol... cos the shoes there are mostly comfy and elegant... very "my cup of tea", though nt necessarily my style. *Ppl muz be shocked ah... yeah I like sneakers AND elegant lady-like shoes too... nt too high heel pls... cos I would only appreciate the appearance then.*
Yes! Gt a pair of sandal... kinda gold in colour, with a gold rose design ($22.80)... already after 30% discount. It looks quite nice on my feet... though nt my usual type of sandals. QW was tempted to buy shoes oso... but she managed to overcome her temptations lol.

*Sian I dun feel like starting on COM415's article ppt... which is on the coming Tues lol.*

Okie shall watch "I Love You, Beth Cooper" 1st haha.

Rating: 2.75/5

Shall do my COM415 tml then... nw 1.15am le haha.


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