Out with HT and Alina for my early 21st + Funny People

*I reckon I would soon go into the "hwk/study-frenzy" period... after taking a "long break" since graduation from NP. This-is-scary.*

I dread COM415's lessons. 每次上完课后都深感压力突然环绕着我。The lecturer has a super high expectation... and WZ and I are worried tat we can't work up till his expectation. The feature writing is seriously making me puke at the sight of it. I dun wanna face it, but I hav to. So right nw, I have the stack of info juz under my lappy desk... pushed in... dun wanna see it too often. Yet, I can't possible nt do it, therefore the leaflets are piled on the upper most layer. Sick. *I have a "couldn't-care-less" attitude towards things once it gets draggy. I simply dun bother then. It can be bad, but when there's another force pushing me along the way, I'm torn apart.*
Guitar lessons now become my "therapy" for the day, after COM415. Even though I'm rather slow nowadays cos I dun have time to practise at hm, I still enjoy gg there... even with teacher correcting my fingerings lol. I'm still blur bet G and G7 chord can u imagine!? Lol. Those A-minor, E-minor are relatively new chords to me. Sometimes I wish I were like PH... have a piano backgrd... at least I would have known the notes and learning would be easier.

Gt back our 1st assignment for HW101C. I always get nervous whenever the cher decides to give back our assignments. I always rather they didn't... cos I'm afraid to face watever results I get. *If I had a choice, I'd rather nt know.* Well, I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw the comment "Interesting!" Lol... though I din get all the sentence types right, nor did I followed the rules of finishing my work in one para. More hwk coming up... and I'm doing pair work with SS haha. Let's hope we get it done asap, so we can move on to the 4 person grp work nex wk for e-tut... with SS, Holly and LT.

*If u ask me wat's the purpose of a festival/anniversary/bdays etc, I'd say they are the opportunities to get back with ppl u wanna keep in touch with.*
Met HT and Alina at The Cathay! Yeah finally the trio gt to meet up like after HT's bday in June. We had dinner at Aston's cos HT wanted it haha. Alina surprised me with her artwork again... my 21st bday card lol! And they gt me a musical note necklace from MoshiMoshi Jewellery. Photos will be up once I get them from Alina~ Oh and I had black pepper fish with coleslaw and tasty rice, plus 7-Up... it's only $8.70 nia! Nice o~
Well HT is busy with her yr 2 study in RP... sem juz started haha. Alina eh... her work at childcare lo~ hectic for her. I'm glad we still manage to find the time to go out together. Lucky both of them are so outspoken... so we talked a lot haha. One thing I tot ironic... I found HT "chirpier" than when she's in pri sch... but Alina vice versa... she's somehw quieter nw haha... the "wonders of puberty" LOL. *Of cos friends and the environment u're in affects u too la~* Anyway, caught the movie, "Funny People", starring Adam Sandler.U can have all the wealth on Earth, but u're still nt happy. George Simmons was one such ppl. He gt his money thru making ppl laugh. But when down the stage, he simply can't find the reason to smile.
Liked the scene whr he sang his sorrows out on stage, while playing the piano.

I guess Adam Sandlers a born-comedian meant to charm ppl. Bonus: he can sing nice, with a guitar too haha.
Sadly, I simply can't appreciate "yellow jokes". Yeah, this is nt worse than one of his past movies... but I still din laugh much thruout. In fact, I was wondering how come the movie wasn't ending halfway thru lol... 2.5hrs neh.

Can't rmb but I did start to ponder about things while watching this movie.

Rating: 2.75/5

A big thank you to Alina and HT~ They are part of the reason how I came about in understanding and appreciating the saying: "What are friends for?"
如果你对我不好,我不会“以牙还牙”、更不会“双倍奉还”,只会不理睬/不帮你。 That's it.

Dled and watched this vid of DBSK's... done by fans. I'm amazed by how gd it was... suddenly touched by it. Esp the ending parts whr DBSK members did an intro of themselves and the fans simply used some footages of theirs in random performances... and they all looked so suave there!