My Sister's Keeper

*LOREAL Elseve Re-nutrition night serum doesn't work for my dried-out hair... after using it for mths and bearing with the strong "almond-alike" smell for so long... waste of $$$. I wonder if it's actualli e cause of my hair dandruffs?*

The construction noise coming from above my house took away the pleasure of my slp. I had a heavy lunch, then sat down and read“寂寞的十七岁”... 浅白易懂... gd. Haven't finished it though. I din wait for Dr Xu's reply and went on to do the outline and editing for our COM415 feature article on child abuse... finally gonna submit this on Sat! After WZ and I wrote like 10,000+ words for this feature... it's tiring. And I've decided nt to S/U this UE module... since I reckon the result's nt gonna be bad. *Can be "self-fulfilling prophecy" when the result comes out juz wat I expect hehe~*

Was in front of com reading Tim Burton's "The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy and Other Stories" (牡蛎男孩忧伤之死). Din managed to find the whole copy but it was a story filled with grey humour. The characters were all abnormal. I pitied Sam and Roy when I read "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy" and "Roy, The Toxic Boy", whilst laughed when I finished "Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love". Nice one.
Here's a link for you guys to read part of the story:

Rating: 3.5/5

Hope I can find the book“好想和你分享的天空” at Kino tml, cos the bk looks kinda nice with the photos. Anyway, slpt a bit in the afternoon... ate too much... felt very full even when slping haha.

*We are all selfish, but at times, we'd have to put on a pretence... no choice.*

Caught "My Sister's Keeper". Coincidentally, I learnt sth in HC101's lecture today regarding "Genders and Sexualities". There's a portion tat says "Our body belongs nt to ourselves, but to society and others." And here in the movie, in Anna's case, her body belongs to her parents. She was engineered, "tailored-made" to save her sister, Kate, whose dying from Luekemia. And at the age of 9, she went to a lawyer, and requested tat she had the right nt to go thru pain-staking medical procedures again.

I seriously had to admit tat at this pt of the show, I did disliked Anna a little. I tot she was being too defiant, and tat she couldn't even help her sis with a kidney. Until she said sth about "having to be careful for the rest of her life after donation" did I start to think... who would want to live in fear all their life, esp Anna who's oni 9 and has gt a long time to go?
Then at a later pt, I detested the mum when she tried to denied Kate of gg to the beach. I reckon she was too obsessed with saving Kate, tat she kinda disregarded Anna as a human being, as her daugher. I tot Kate, though dying, had the right to choose wat to do. But I guess being Kate's mum, she juz wants to go all out to protect her already-vulnerable daughter from even the slightest harm.
kate, on the other hand, was the one who suggested Anna to go to a lawyer. She couldn't bear to see her little sis suffer cos of her I guess. It wasn't pointed out in the movie but I reckon much as Kate wants to die, wants to be freed from her sufferings, it muz have been a real painful process for her deep down. I mean, who would want to die if one's gt the choice? Kate had all her loved ones with her. Yet nw, cos of her, everyone seemed to be suffering too.

This family prob did nt only lie with the gals. Jesse, the elder son, suffered from neglect. All attention went to Kate since she was weak. Jesse sorta was lost in life, even though he loved his sister.

I loved how the director dealt with the arrangment of the storyline... slotting in scenes here and there, but yet nt disorganised. I liked the scene how Cameron Diaz, as the mum, shaved her head bald, juz cos her Kate mentioned she's ugly. I see a loving mum here.

It's definitely mind-blowing (mind-boggling as well), and definitely an issue here to ponder about one's body rights. There's real depth in the story, though I haven read the novel b4. Kinship is such a impactful theme. It made me teary.

Rating: 4.5/5