Assassination of a High School President

*Finished one assignment but I feel uneasy still...*

Slpt till 12pm on Sat. Went for singing lesson at E.A.I and the min I stepped into the office, saw huge bunch of ppl with Dennis they all... rehearsing for concert. I waited in the small rm b4 ZL and QH came. WK came a bit later than all of us though. Felix came in and told us to prepare to sing... whoa he looked kinda pissed off then.
Guess he's disappointed tat some of us kept on skipping lessons... for no reason. I think he's kinda "sandwiched"... in a diff position. Well, at least I made it a pt to email and inform him about taking leaves.
*我只站在正义那一边... 做人总要负责任,不要让别人“难做”。*
Sang "I Need You" in 2 feel... yeah and Felix plus the rest agreed tat I'm very comfortable with a certain type of singing and he hopes to see tat I go out of tat. Tried again and I think it's really tough haha... cos nw I'm kinda singing my own style le and it's nt easy to go into another genre haha. I tend to imitate when I do so. While our lesson was gg on, heard Dennis scolded the ppl outside... real loud! He literally "slammed" them in the face la... scary. *Can't imagine if it's gonna be our turn for the concert... alamak.*

After tat, WK accompanied me to Bugis V to shop and for dinner. I tried the Jap set, with fish and curry chicken meat ($6.80)... nice o. *Forgot to take pic aiyah~* Gt myself a layered top ($25) too haha. Saw a nice but fake "chanel" necklace ($18) but tot it was too ex la haha. Then, WK and I went to Orchard Tang Plaza cos she was looking for a certain brand's deep cleansing mask. Sadly, the thing was out of stock and would only come new stock nex mth. The guy who served us... lol... WK imitated the way he walked lol.
*Yeah a pity someone cute-looking's a bit girlish.*
Went Uniqlo after tat... and WK gt herself a cardigan and a tee. I tot she's kind of girly and quiet kind of gal but nah~ She actualli even more“中性”than me lol. She wouldn't wear WZ kind of clothes... and even some I tot I would wear kind of dress... she shakes her head haha. Oh and she likes dark-coloured clothes... oppo to me. And we were on and on about stuffs and she kept saying she's pessimistic and hates studies haha. Well I agree with her... uni is kind of "on-ur-own" life.

Saw that "Assassination of a High School President" was a comedy and decided to try this show.Gt the male lead, Reece Thompson's photo cos I tot he looked gd there haha.
It's a mystery in high sch... as to who stole the SAT papers. Bobby's the sch reporter, and he gave an untrue news at 1st, and then he's gt to solve the prob he created himself.
*新闻... reminds me of my COM415 nw... alamak!*

Rating: 3.5/5