Went to catch "Twilight" for the second time... no subtitles again haha. HL wasn't feeling too well today, vomited... same as mum. Hope the two of them get well real soon.
I just find the way that vampires confess... cute. Will definitely get the DVD.

Met WZ and PQ in the evening. WZ had MOS burger and told me all about her gathering with 5th flr ppl on Weds night. 3 of us went on to shop ard. I felt very "spaced out" throughout the whole journey, dunno y lol. After a while, we went to eat at新旺茶餐厅... newly opened one I guess. Had this fish slices Mui Fan ($8.90)... average. 3 of us shared the mango ice dessert ($6.90) cos WZ was craving for it. Gt red bean smell... wierd... we think Ice Monster's one better though.

Took a bit of pics in and juz outside PS...

WZ and PQ took more. I wasn't really into it haha.
Well I dunno, but somehow the热闹and crowds doesn't appeal to me as much as the dark and cool. 黑暗和静态对我来说,有比较“致命”的吸引力lol. *Oops... I'm beginning to talk "Twilight"~* But yeah, it's true to a huge extent. It's gt a lot to do with one's character.
I enjoy the serenity while ppl ain't noticing me.
I enjoy being at peace.
You can say that I'm lazy.
But I find that unique, and sometimes even attractive.
To me, what lies in the head, wins outer beauty.
But I still dun find myself all a mystery;
Ppl see me as an "in-between",
and that's confusing me.
I mean... who exactly is the real me?

*Suddenly gt urge to write "dark stories"... haha.*