New York New York gathering

Early in the morning actualli mood already spoilt. Didn't check my work carefully, so updated the wrong 2nd vsl voy when I did TDL on Weds... haiz. 被讲lor. Anyway, a busy day today... practically no time to go toilet even haha. Busy with TDL the whole day... Stella would pass me some after every nw and then. I was worried I gt no time do SAST, but lucky QW helped me a bit. Lunch had the famous curry noodle ($4) from Hong Lim food centre... nt spicy at all... and the portion was small haha. Shermeen was complaining about work lol.

After work took train to JP to meet MY, PH, SY and HN for Xmas dinner at New York New York. I was the 1st to reach... saw YB's doll doll shoes... but more ex here~ $19.90. *Maybe I would get one pair at Bugis V.* PH and I went in New York New York at ard 7pm. We chatted for a while and SY and HN came. Waited for MY but cos my stomach already "growling", we decided to order food 1st.

PH and I had this crispy fish cabonara-sauced pasta ($14.90)... it reminds me of the one in Swensens, but it's nt spicy. I prefer this more though... delicious. Finally, I found sth I like in New York New York.

The 9" pizza we 5 shared... a bit cheesy for me.

Well, we had mudpie and ice-cream too! Very sweet~ lucky we shared.

Then, we exchanged presents haha. MY's "gigantic" present was given to SY: bolster; SY's one was given to PH: shoulder-cum-sling bag; PH's one was given to MY: photo frame.




The 2 "HN"s exchanged present haha~ I gave her a super "English feel" organiser, while she gave me a Digital photo frame, with 7 diff LED lights... from Action City hehe.


We chatted about gg overseas *again*~ SY, MY and I were very enthu about gg to Gentings together, but PH and HN have lotsa camps man~ Busy gals lol. We talked about our sec sch gathering tml too... how I wish to see how the others have changed! But sadly, I gt singing lesson... so can't make it. Nvm, shall see from MY's blog lol.

Miss PH praying!?

Saw QJ at JP... was walking and I found the person in front so familiar... lol. She was busy looking into her cam, but we did greeted each other a bit haha.
Walked home with PH. Nice walk... as always.