Happy Xmas!

*Let's hope the 3pm knock-off thing tml is a "common sense" one, ok?*

Ysd went Waraku @ Central for dinner with 4-in-love. Well, it was supposed to be a Sep Love gathering, but Mayday members can't come, so left with us haha. We literally waited 1hr for dinner even though I reserved a table for 7pm. Guess cos it's Ladies Nite... half price tat's why.
Inside the restaurant macham market haha... very noisy. Pat, HL and I ordered the same crab pasta whilst WZ had the chicken + beef steak pasta I think. I love the crab meat and pasta! Each of us had desserts too... I gt the Banana Choco Parfait... nice with the cereals. All these and in the end, we only paid $15 each... cheap le leh~ by right shld be $30 per person o!
Then, we took some pics with the Xmas decor outside Central. I'm wearing a dress~ god.Oh yeah! WZ gt presents for us from Taiwan... a pair of blue Mickey earrings + Mickey piano card sticker for me. Pat gt us candies! HL "heartless" la... being the "king", she "big" until nv buy anything. Nvm, old ppl memory failing le LOL. I gt them each a "msg bottle" hehe~ Whatever that's inside... is unique to each of them! SShhh~ I won't tell the msgs! Regarding our exchange of presents... we did it randomly while seated at the river. Anyway, I gt my present from WZ... wind chime + cute tiny glass cup (very drama ah WZ... she almost let my present“坠入捞不回的‘无底河’”leh~LOL); Pat gt cherry earrings and bracelet from HL; WZ gt cute Winnie-the-Pooh and friends cup from Pat; HL gt my wonderful“几米”style de novel-cum-notebk. I have another one myself, cos the illustrations and meaningful quotes that form the stories are too nice~ *希望有一天我也能写出这样的书哈哈!*Chatted along the riverside... the breeze was nice. We talked about gg overseas together, let's hope so one day. Missed the days in杭州and haha...阿波juz told me he miss us too!

*Mum cut this new hairstyle made her look so much younger! Similar to 杨丞琳's hairstyle in“缺氧”mv... juz the top nt so thick. I wanna cut a new hairtstyle too~ most probably same as mum's! $3.80 nia!*
Shermeen gave me xmas treats during work today hehe... these kind of "present wrapping tidbits" reminds me when I was in kindergarden and pri sch haha! Of cos, I gave half to QW, cos I scared she“饿死”in office ah~Tues night went tuition at Brendan's house. Gave him his presents... and he hand-made mine too lol. This boy's gd at origami. Taught him Chi but he very easily distracted. His mum went to IMM for chrismas gift shopping spree, so after tuition ended, I stayed a while with Brendan, and played Wii. 1st time I try this game... bowling, tennis, golf, boxing haha! Even though it's模拟, but u do get tired after moving for so long haha. Brendan's damn gd at bowling... keep on "Strike" man~ I only gt 2 times sad haha. His mum gt Xmas gift for me too! Thks~

Left at 10.30pm. Brendan want to play Wii together again nex time lol.

*I'm seriously thinking of getting "Twilight" series as an Xmas gift to myself haha!*