A new haircut, a new 2009

Last post for the yr 2008. Haha.

3pm knocked off. Almost couldn't knock off on time. Cos Evelyn, Ronnie, Joanne and Alice they all lor... were joking~ Joanne say she jealous QW and I could always leave "on time" but they couldn't, so they "demanded" that I stayed back to work. Evelyn even said: "You gt nothing to do le huh? I gt, come here!" OMG~ and uncle Ronnie reluctant to sign my timesheet doi~ I was so embarrassed! Literally din noe wat to do leh... I know they joking la... but好尴尬啊...因为我不敢“搭话”嘛!

QW went for her archery lesson, while I went to the library to borrow "Memoirs Of A Teenage Anmesiac". Muz read this b4 the movie comes out hehe.
Went to cut hair at Snip Avenue. I waited 2hrs leh~ from 5.30 to 7.30pm juz to cut my hair~ Business was brisk sia. I saw the hairstylist that cut mum's hair, and I was praying it was her.... and nt the only guy hairstylist ard. *Female hairstylist easier to communicate mah.* But "unluckily", it was Eric who cut my hair. The min he say my hair, he say gt a lot of头皮屑eh...“很够力的啊!”... lol Malaysian. Wierd, I dun find my scalps itchy all along. So, he intro me to this Shiseido treatment say can treat the prob. Then, he say oso can reduce the possibility of white hairs, help grow hair (my hair so thick still grow!?) etc. I think I guessed la... can let them earn extra 40bucks ma. Anyway, decided to go with it. Blow cold air on my hair... refreshing... then washed away, and the after treatment was a spray...冰冰凉凉的.
I wanted to describe mum's hairstyle, but I dunno how to. All I rmb was "bob", and wat "V shape". Eric corrected me say it's "A shape"... haha as in bob hairstyle, the hair behind is layed in a almost "A" shape down. I asked him if it would look too short... cos I super scared if he cut too short, then my face would look large (when it's already big) lol. Well, it's always like that for me... I am somewat "blind" due to short-sightedness, so muz wear spec to see everything clearly. The process of cutting hair is always scary for me. Cos I dunno how I looked like in that new hairstyle till the very min when I wear my specs. That 1st glimpse in glasses "decides my fate" lol~ I can tell if I like/dislike my new hairstyle. Guess I'm quite lucky, in a sense that I dun rmb I cry many times after a haircut HAHA! *If too ugly, I really will brood over it one leh!*
This time round, it feels like I'm back to 9yrs old!? My new bob shoulder-length hair looks a lot like the hairstyle I had when I was young! 妹妹头lol. Ok, that's from the front. If u see behind, u know it's "bob" haha. Maybe a bit childish, but I'm totally fine with this hairstyle. Looks refreshing at least~ been mths since I saw a new style of mine! Total was $43.80... treatment (after 50% discount liao) more ex la. If only cut hair, only $3.80. It's super worth it o! Nt sure if I would find Eric again when I go cut, but I'm sure I'll be there often to cut hair, as long as it's cheap hehe.

Ok! Into the new yr 2009.
31st dec 07, I was with HL, QW, WZ and Jac at ZUCC's北秀大楼... having sumptuous meal.
31st dec 08, I'm home, watching countdown show on TV.
Diff hor? But I enjoy being in front of the com nw haha.
New year resolution mah... I gt no habit of doing that.
But I guess... one of my most impt wishes for '09:
Let me get into NTU ba!