I practically studied nth today haha. Hmm I think these 2-3wks break is kinda long for me neh. After writing the notes for the diff modules, all I'm left with doing is memorising them. COM415 and HC101 nth much to memorise though, and my paper for HC102 is nex Weds... which means I wouldn't be able to memorise much even if I do so nw haha. HC201's gt lotsa memorising to do but then again it's on 30th Nov... and b4 tat my brain would surely be filled with HC102 data... so much so tat I can only start reading up on HC201 after HC102's paper haha.

Ok la... seeing my uni friends being so hardworking, I literally forced myself to pick up a small stack of HC201 notes this afternoon, lied on my bed... "chant" a bit of the notes... and poof~ I fell aslp la! Wierd dream this afternoon... it's all about sch. I was somehw being chased by my pri sch guy friends... they were trying to beat me up lol. Then the angle turned and I'm suddenly comforting ZW who's crying, and tat made me cried too lol. The scene switched to me being in a staffroom, discussing the after-exam answers of HC102 with Mr Ho Yi Kai!? *I rmb we were talking about the声母for the character“佛”... lol!* Mr Patrick Cheng was there too... and they were gonna invite Mr Tye (Lianhua's sch principal) over for some discussions even though it was pouring rain... *I reckon this has gt to do with the real world... cos it's raining outside while I was slping haha.*
*Did I really gt so stressed up cos nth went into my brains today!? Lol~*

Woke up in the evening *cham gonna slp late at night again~* and started online-ing haha. Ppl might be pia-ing hard right nw but I'm kinda taking it easy neh... nt in the mood to study nw haha. Hav been finding 2PM's vids and dling them haha.
Caught "Deception".
Nice plot. Clever ploy.

Rating: 3.25/5