Yes Man

Sat tuition with Garrick cancelled cos he gt sth on. So, met Esther in the afternoon and went singing together. Pouring then... lol. Lesson started only at 5.30pm, cos the earlier class ended late. Today our class gt 6ppl... plus another 3 juniors from the earlier class stayed to watch us.

Alvin let us listened to 彭佳慧's“死心眼” and苏永康's“你变了”. The lady's a powerhouse la... we listened to it 2x and Alvin wanted us to sing the chorus already haha. I sung... and he said I was a "gd作曲家" lol~ I nt too sure about the tune mah. Later I tried the "continuous singing" with one of the lines when Alvin suggested and I did it... ah I tot that sounded nt bad haha. *Felt like trying to sing“死心眼”after listening lol.*
Tried Jolin's“假装”today. The effect that came out from the mic was very gd... I was surprised I could actually hear myself singing the low notes clearly haha. But sad to say, I was panicking throughout. I seldom sing songs that need "singing out"... meaning sth like呐喊, but there are some澎湃parts in this particular song. Alvin said he heard me trying, and I'd sang the punch parts accurately... and he said if those parts din sing well, then song gone haha. But他嫌我处理歌曲稍微粗糙,不够细腻. I was nervous... think I'd do better if I could really let go尽情地唱... haiz. I know the song suits me, but I can do better haha. At least Alvin felt I gt feelings in the song I sang today~ woo!
One female junior, only 17, sung Angela's“真的”... her voice considered unique, but I dun think she sounds like Angela... her way of singing I mean. A pity her呐喊dun really have power I tot hehe.

Esther and I had dinner at Bugis Swensens. I tried the new teriyaki chicken spag ($15.50)... delicious! Love the soft, tender meat and it's sauce~ We 2 shared the choco fudge oso (about $20)... oh mine nice nice!At night, Alvin asked me how was lesson... and I suggested some things I tot I wanna learn. Haha.. he said would let us do duets leh~ cool!

Watched "Yes Man" at night.Imagine saying "Yes" to everything
and thinking that it brings u luck... then it brings u "lard"... and in the end, u're on ur way to a brand new start.
Haha... my "short short" way of summarizing the movie lol. Jim Carrey has this喜感in him... even though u can tell he's old, but his facial expressions were very丰富.
Well, say yes. But, do think b4 u say yes. We dun want to be blindly saying "yes" to everything, and anything haha.
Maybe.... we shld say "Maybe?" instead? At least that leaves us a bit of space to think.

Rating: 3.25/5

*Why am I still procrastinating my life? Hmm... I dun like myself this way.*