*Sometimes, things in life juz happened when u least expected it.*

Woke up early in the morning at 8+am. Went Pranoy's house for tuition cos he's celebrating his bday on Sun with his friends... gg for movie haha. Lesson ended at 11am, then went home and went thru同恩's “本来”song... gt to memorise the lyrics and familiarise myself with the minus one lol. Then, went out for Garrick's tuition. Told him to wrote a compo on the spot.
*I was super sleepy throughout sia~ almost dozed off lol.*

Met WZ and we went to sch together. Simon was on the same bus too. Alvin let us listened to a gal singing“记得”and“对的人”. Her voice nt thick, and she's gt those "angmoh" singing style in her words... quite unique la. But I agree with "uncle" that she sounded like“唱歌很用力的郭美美”lol.
I was the 1st one to go onstage today, cos my song title's hanyu pinyin starting letter is "b" lol. Alamak... 1st time I forget a lyric so much... mixed up some of the chorus lines. And... I tot... b4 anyone's comment, that I sung quite bad today lol. Felt like the worst all along, though it's a song I really like and I tot wasn't tat diff to pull off.
Before my comment, I really tot most ppl sing better today. I was impressed by Shirley's“祝我生日快乐”really... I closed my eyes and listened... gt sad o~ ZX sang Eason's“不要说话”or sth... hey I din know the song b4 today, but while he sang, I was already thinking was it Eason's song... cos "very Eason" haha. I think ZX suit Eason's songs... there's some feel in his voice I reckon.
My one... I tot it would be kinda bad... but nt as bad as I tot haha. He didn't go into me forgetting lyrics, maybe cos I was the 1st to sing he couldn't rmb already haha. Both "uncle" and him said the song is nice (wonder gt to do with my singing mah~ lol doubt so), 我的歌曲处理ok,音准在某个地方似乎不准了一点. But he did said 4 of us pitching alright le, so muz focus on处理lol. At least he heard me“用力”sing song le hehe.

Had dinner at Bugis food junction with Shirlyn, Ryan, WZ and Daniel. I ate the Thai fried kway teow ($5)... doi sour and nt nice. Din take photo cos“色、香、味都不齐全”haha! Ryan is Malaysian mah... doi his mandarin pronounciation gt a bit of prob haha... so funny. Left at ard 9+pm.
Took train with WZ and Daniel. Finally gt someone accompany take "long train ride" haha... cos WZ alight at Tanjong Pagar... I always alone take train lol. Daniel lives juz a stop b4 mine, but to him from west go east in SG nt far... cos China further lol. *His look reminds me of a combination of Kenneth and Joy... dun ask me y haha!* 185cm so tall sia... but talk so soft... I had to stand up to hear him lol. *Lucky he's gt almost no China accent at all... he say WZ gt a bit instead so lol~* Wierd ah... ZX said learn keyboard easier, but he say guitar easier... but sadly there's a "phase" to go thru... the长茧stage... beginning 2-3wks~ doi I hear liao was like~ erm ok.
*Guitar, guitar, come to me ba~*

*DBSK's collaboration with SMAP was... woo~ esp the场景and change of setting is cool!*