Race To Witch Mountain

*Congrats to Michelle for her NUS acceptance letter. I came home and saw a letter oso... but gt the word "Rejected" written on it! Haha... it's the previous tenant de letter... Mr postman reject de... lol.*
Seriously, I'm nt as nervous this yr, as compared to last yr. Michelle and HL both more gan jeong than me sia haha.

*I really think Stella跟我说话的口气好很多yeh... as compared to when I 1st came haha. Is it cos I'm leaving soon? Haha.*
Went lunch with Shermeen. I did thought of nex time if working under an environment similar to hers, I'd quit lol. In my case, 1st reason would be this job ain't my area of interest. Why should I undertake so much stress and do sth I dun like? Waste my "youth", time and energy seriously. I dun mind working harder for a job I like though. Secondly, friends noe that我是个凡事都不喜欢大声嚷嚷的人. 而我一旦碰上这种人,一开始就会觉得厌恶无比! Imagine someone more superior than u raising their voice so loud (everyday), pting out ur mistakes... macham to the whole office! 丢脸死了! 碰巧我是个“吃软不吃硬”的人, if I really dun care about that job ah, plus in a lousy mood then“心血来潮”ah, I confirm will talk back.

Basically, I need to靠兴趣吃饭吧哈哈~ the enviroment's very impt as well... the ppl u meet blah.
*抱歉,不要跟我说现实... 什么钱的啦、经济不景等道理,我是个“理想主义者”:不为钱而活。*

At night met HL and we watched "Race To Witch Mountain"... use Nets pay at Cathay 6bucks nia~

Quite typical an "alien-earthling" story. The fire scenes weren't bad though. Yeah, both the young boy and girl have supernatural powers... HL and I stunned when the car hit directly onto Seth but it actualli碎掉haha! Sara can read ppl's mind too... and she's like a "pusher" (from movie "Push" lol~)... can control things with her will.
Think I really like how Seth and Sara communicate with Bruno... esp Seth. I can't rmb wat but sth about "decreasing frequency" or wat... it's very lol.

Rating: 3.5/5