Family Photoshoot + Paranoid Park

*It's my place, I want it perfect-and-clean.*

After tuition with Pranoy, I was already super lazy... dun feel like gg out at all. Came home, showered and the whole family went out to Foto Gallery for our complimentary photoshoot.
5mins walk from Bugis Junction ba. Gt there, and Joanne the receptionist attended to us. The way she talked (tone) was totally diff from wat I heard over the phone... she sounds kinda "bo chap" about us when she talked to me. *那拽样给谁看啊
!?* Hmm... dun like her tone and attitude. One guy came over and talked to us... asked some qns... macham want to know if u rich mah lol.
Anyway, our consultant was a lady called Agnes. She brought me and mum to the make-up rm 1st. 3 make-up artistes over there... and one more auntie came, and did for mum. I tot she looked pretty... she's gt that“贵妇”look for once... haha~ fake de of cos. My make-up was done by a young malay lady... omg... kinda thick... I tot I looked ugly in it... really in person the make-up's like... scarily thick... since I dun put make-up normally haha. Sadly, the lady din do much to my hair... mum's gt temp curl leh... mine? Juz a bit of hairspray lol. Dad and bro... simple hairspray and little powder touch-up.

Agnes brought us up to the studio... 1st one was the more formal background one. Agnes was there to teach normal ppl like us (who doesn't pose usually lol) to do some poses lor. Lol... I smile until I feel like my mouth's gonna歪掉了haha. Dad and mum were supposed to hug each other... doi so awkward... mum super shy lol. I can't see clearly cos both bro and I weren't wearing spec... and we were standing some distance away while dad and mum took shots. *Well, actualli I tot the photo whr they hugged looked really gd~ my parents look young for their age eh!*
The 2nd rm was for the more casual shots one. Totally white rm haha~ We were told to do some poses la... stand in straight line la, tilt la (macham those u do when u were queuing in pri sch or when u're with friends lol), lie on the flr, jumped blah haha. Actualli Agnes wanted my bro to do star jump but he too stiff u see... so I did instead~ and all he had to do was sit down and smile piang~ Later the photos came out and I realise... hey I jump really high leh haha!

After tat, we were taken downstairs to look at the photos... like in 10mins very fast. All the 30shoots were on the Mac com. Agnes played slideshow for us to see... haha did see some nice, as well as nt that nice ones lol. She began to talk about their family package... but kinda ex u see. Even for those poster/photo album kind... I heard the price oso... erm haha... can't really afford la. Finally, Agnes said we could get at least 5photos for $150, plus another 2 complimentary ones in a disc... for us to "wash out" ourselves. Hmm... mum said if can 3, but sadly no. So in the end, we din buy anything but took the 2 complimentary photos.
*人嘛,变脸很快的。我大概了解吧。。。拍了那么多,却一分钱都没出(dun count transport fees),真的有些不好意思。但我很高兴eh! 因为算是我第一次“拒绝”such things u noe! 有股莫名的“成就感”haha!*

Alright, for the 2 best photos (1 formal, 1 casual) mum and I picked:The latter's my choice. I tot we all looked wonderful here haha. Of cos, both photos look much better in higher resolution. *Sadly, blogger resizes them automatically.* Shall find some day to "wash" it out.

Rushed home to wash off the make-ups. Whoa... can still recall the malay lady... when she "giap" my eyelashes... she accidentally giaped my eyelids... ooh painful sia~

Watched "Paranoid Park".

*Gabe Nevins looks like the angmoh version of Lollipop's Prince haha.*
This doesn't feel like the kind of mainstream movie to me. It's more like a 1hr+ long MV haha.
Quoted the para below from someone's blog: (Credits:
剧情描述在波特兰市一位滑板少年意外地杀害了一个警卫而试着想要隐瞒这个秘密,一桩不完美地杀人案以及有着天使般无辜脸孔的少年亚力斯,葛斯.范桑创造出丰富美丽的穿透力与神奇谜样的颂诗来传达少年们的脆弱,特请来摄影大师杜可风(Christopher Doyle)负责掌镜,融合电影音乐与美得令人震慑的视觉影像,以抒情叙事的拍摄手法来呈现电影高度饱和感的剧情张力。

Haha... the blogger gave me quite a gd pic of how this movie is being filmed. Yeah, cool. Basically, if u weren't to read too much into it (Iraq war blah), it's kinda a simple "teenager-troubled-movie", filmed in an extraordinary way. Think it had gd reception probably cos of the way it's shot and the hidden msg behind the show.
To me, so-so haha.

Rating: 3/5