Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Listened to epi 14-16 of DBSK's "Bigeast Station" radio show... Max and Hero did tongue twisters... Max's one was tough... but Hero's... even tougher! Tough until I dunno he was saying English LOL. Oh, I really love the "Toho-psychology" lol~ Xiah's mental age is only 1yr old!? Max is a 100 haha! And Xiah ah... the 1st thing he would say when he 1st meet a gal is "Do u like soccer?" Alamak lol! And one more thing: I din noe animal sounds are diff in diff langs... like in Jap, a cat's sound is described as "Nyaa Nyaa"; "Meow Meow" in Eng; and "Ngiaw Ngiaw" in Korean!? *You mean cats in diff countries speak in diff tongues? Haha~*

*I'm still waiting...*

William, QW and Kenneth went pool in the afternoon during lunch... poor William... his "office wife" Eileen din accompany him to lunch today lol. Shermeen and I went to eat "Zhi Char"... I had this sambal sotong rice ($4.50)... average... too much onion le.Then, Shermeen showed her son's photos... his pimple condition nt very bad wat... lol.

Haslin din let me do KTX vsl's TDL today... "discount" is it? Cos nex Tues my last day at OOCL. Randomly took a pic of my calendar in the office... haha... all those initials are my student's name initials... as a reminder to myself as to when I had tuition with them haha. Guess this habit came from my attachment last time haha.
Night met Pat and HL, we caught "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" at Grand Cathay. *My~ I love that theatre!**The pic above dun do the male lead (Hugh Dancy) justice... he looks much better in the movie... of cos nt forgetting the Brit accent in his Eng... ah I'm simply attracted to their accent lol.*

Rebecca Bloomwood is a shopaholic... shop till she drops... "literally". She met Luke Brandon in a financial mag and fell for the latter eventually. Well of cos, Rebecca lied a lot in the show, to cover up the fact that she's heavily in debt.

Dun feel like elaborating more but this is one of the really funnier movies I've seen. I love the arrangement of the storyline, the "sparks" bet the leads, as well as how Rebecca is the "attention" of the show. I can vividly rmb the scene whr she danced with Luke, with a fan in her hands... hilarious. Oh, and oso the scene whr she was forced to stand up and questions during a finance talk haha. *The manequins come alive in the show too... they ain't scary at all... in fact very interesting!*

Rating: 3.75/5

Was gg down the escalator when suddenly someone sorta "slapped" me on the hand... Kenneth was there~ I tot he wanted to go mahjong!? Lol.