Last day of work @ OOCL

*NUS discretionary admission interview... wat's the diff bet this and a normal interviews?*

I've worked 5mths at OOCL... it really felt like "throwing the clock out of the window" LOL. Pantry auntie knew it's my last day of work, then gave me her blessings haha... thks. Haslin ah... since morning had been giving me the "crying" emoticon, face la, "complain" haha... yeah I would go back on fri~ *Happy Apr Fool!* Coincidentally, April Fool happens to be her wedding anniversary LOL... 15yrs already! Hmm, it might be my last day touching TDLs, job orders, SAST, rolling PSGP schedules... but I didn't felt舍不得at all. *舍不得的是人,怎么会是工作呢? Lol.*
*Even pantry auntie can play pool leh!*

Lunch went Fook Hai with Shermeen, Jennifer and Katherine. Guess I would one day miss the nice food at Fook Hai and Golden Shoe haha. At night, Evelyn, Stella, Haslin, QW, Alice, Ronnie, Mr Chua, Jeanine, Kenneth and I went for my farewell dinner at Swensens @ Chinatown pt. The way Evelyn joked about the waiter's hair... really make him so paiseh lol. Ah my teriyaki chicken pasta... hmm wierd din taste as gd today... maybe cos too many ppl together, I focusing too much on their talks, didn't pay much attention to wat I was eating haha.

*同情,有时候会让你看到一个人的另一面。但同个时候,却也让你乱了判断的方寸。只好傻笑了。 HEHE.*

After tat, we went on to a dessert place near Fook Hai. I had the白木耳炖木瓜... so-so. Then ppl began to talk about their ex-colleagues haha. 我是听得一头雾水啦, but ok I enjoyed the laughters. *Haha... Kenneth shifting to my place tml... whoa he seems kinda happy... cos can sit beside uncle Calvin and Vincent... woo "havoc" lol.*
Ppl chatted for the whole night...听到什么都已经不太记得了。开心的、不开心的,也都这样过去了, as usual. 应该记得的不是发生过的;而是那些constant的。。。同事。I truely am grateful towards them~ thks for the treat!

Nw for some photos... and some random impression of my colleagues hehe~
Jeanine: She's a pretty Eurasian babe! Haha~ oh plus she's gd in many sports... envious. Oh yeah, I think her laughter is bubbly too!Justin: 不要看他又瘦又高的, he's very pro in pool o! Heard that he's very atheletic oso... today then I know he listen Chi songs leh... tot he "eat gandang" one lol.Jeffery from Sales department. See his action u noe he can play already haha.Ben from Marsin: This pose looks a bit wierd in the photo haha. Very funny... I like always hear him rushing ppl haha. William: QW's "bro" in OOCL haha. He's in network team nw... always joke with QW one. Oops no~ is "use QW as the joke of the day" haha.Kenneth: He's the youngest in the company nw ba... intern haha. So young already pool expert... he knows golf too. Whoa... future businessman haha!Ronnie: The uncle in yellow top haha. See? He even dare "aim" at big boss Mr SC Chan leh haha. Thank u for signing my timesheets every day ah~ and if ur son needs Chi tuition... can find me and I can see if by then I can take more kids haha.Calvin: He's the "morning-eat-drug-den-come-to-work" salesman... *Evelyn described one~ nt me lol* Dunno but he sometimes can "very high" himself lol. No.1 sales... dun play play ah~Vincent: Another sales uncle right beside my seat in office. He ah... always gt yellow joke one haha. But, he often treat us to some breakfast o~ thks.Eddie: Probably the most gd-looking sales guy in OOCL. QW's pool partner... super pro one lor!See how Eddie teach QW... haha QW oso quick at catching advice... *claps!*QW: See how pro her pose is!? Lol. Ah... guessed we're the only CHS classmates who's been working for some time at the same place ba? Nw that she's gt a stable job, I'm happy for her. Me myself? 继续飘浮不定。。。进大学是目前的目标吧。Ah nice photo right? Evelyn my manager... she's a gd boss... who jokes everyday... and those usually crack everyone in the company upside down lol. It's the way she talk la haha.Me and Mr Chua... we took this photo outside the pool rm using his cam. Evelyn actualli wanted to "tell his wife" haha... but Mr Chua抢先一步... he already let his wife see LOL! *Can't forget his keropoks~ nice!*

Few random photos below...“校长”... wat's he doing with the cup!? And uncle Vincent... erm ur“美腿”ah... haha~
Nemo team~

Of cos! I'm not finished with my words... still gt some more colleague whom I haven't gt their solo pics... they are all in the grp pics already though.

Rozie: He's like the big bro in Marsin~ kind.
Tukimin: Always see me oso "doze off" one lol... his son needs tuition o? I try to keep a lookout la haha.
Alice: The last pic... the short hair gal squatting down, with that brilliant smile~ I think she is quiet as compared to others, but still cute haha. I rmb how romantic her husband is o... send flowers to office sia~
Joanne: Her long straight hair once scared me... I can nv forget one morning when I was facing the printer, taking some printouts... suddenly someone with kinda a low voice called me from aside. I turned and saw Joanne“披头散发”(a bit la) looking at me... literally made me jump inside sia! I still trembled a bit when I thanked her leh! Come to think of it, very funny~
Stella: Fierce as she might be, I think everyone there already knows this is how she's like as a person. It's cute that she likes Hello Kitty haha. *HL u oso hor... still like Cinnomoro... wonder if u will still like Cinnomoro in ur 30s?*
Shermeen: My lunch partner... I listen to all her怨言at work haha. It's人之常情... but she treat me quite well haha. Maybe cos我们工作上没有什么交集吧,所以不太会有过节发生。*Haiz...同事间很难找到好朋友... so true.*
Haslin: I really like her laughter... 明明是妈妈了却还那么有童真的笑声haha~ Sorta attached to her during work... did almost all her TDL's, SAST and job orders. 很谢谢她人那么好,就算我做错了什么,也用最让我不会内疚的语气告诉我:“Never mind." *Haha cos Haslin herself oso forgetful sometimes LOL!* It helped a newbie like me a lot.

Wrote the cards for them... but I shy to give them in person mah... so asked QW to help me give them tml haha. Hope it's a pleasant surprise... a kind of thank you from the bottom of my heart haha.