*I doubt I'm an angel in my previous life... it juz happens so that I can't bear to see many ppl outcasting one.*

Lunch went with Jeanine, William, QW and Kenneth. We went to this "pool-cum-food" bar I guess? Very cold inside. QW and I had the kimchi noodle ($3)... very salty nt nice. Jeanine and William had the beaf steak rice... Kenneth some fried rice ba.
4 of them played pool while I sit at watch... cos aiyah... whenever I go pool with HA and YB they all, I oso watch de haha. QW and Kenneth tac-team, Jeanine and William another team. All can play one lor... lucky I nv play... "no face" sia lol. Kenneth pro la~ youngest still so pro sia~ He actualli play $$ one omg. *He shld play with Winnie or HA... muz be a "tough fight" haha!* William keep making fun of QW's height lol~ say her hands too short~ she oso不甘示弱... say William legs short lor~ lol. Quite cheap leh... 1 hr only 8bucks per table.
Anyway, shall find one day ask QW or Winnie teach me ba haha.

Night went tuition with Brendan... like very long nv see this boy like tat. He's still naughty and noisy doi~
I began thinking of the "What if... I wouldn't" scene from "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Buttons"... and putting myself in the shoes lol.
At 6.03pm today, I was near the base of the escalator, when the train towards Joo Koon juz stopped at Raffles Station. My eyes were on the tv screen, flashing "Next train: 3mins" and thinking "I shall juz wait for the nex train." Surprisingly, my legs carried me into the train without hesitation.
What if I waited for the nex train?
I wouldn't have reached Clementi at ard 6.30pm.

I wouldn't have reached Brendan's house at 6.40pm, in my usual 10mins pace.
I wouldn't have to wait for Brendan cos he's nt home yet haha.
I wouldn't have gotten the precious 12mins to talk to Brendan's 66yrs old grandma. *Gosh she looks like 50+nia!*
I wouldn't have the chance to know about her grandma's Korea and Beijing trip.
I wouldn't have seen the SGD300+ de photo album, which contain photos they snapped in Korea... by Korea's professional photographer.