What a day...

Using my bro's lappy nw. My own lappy sorta "died down" on me on Weds night... while I was halfway thru DBSK's A-Nation Live... they were singing "Why Do I Love You?"... nw my precious keep on making stupid sound and I can't even go into Windows leh~ shall bring it down to Acer nex Sat for repair. Pray that it still can be repaired though... I dun mind reformatting it... juz tat all those DBSK shows and songs I've are gone liao~ sad!

*Internet is an "addiction"~*

Woke up late today... 8.10am leh. Rushed out in like 10mins time haha. OOCL gave us each 1 box of mandarin oranges and 1 packet of Bee Cheng Hiang bah kuah each haha~ mum say altogether oso cost 50+bucks le la! Sadly, I dun have red packet~ only perms staffs hav~ haiz! 100bucks each neh... Evelyn was joking ask QW give me half of hers haha. Oh yeah, I accidentally knocked over QW's water in the morning... then made her whole table wet... Evelyn was saying: "Gd la, time to do spring cleaning oso Ah Wei~" LOL.
*Yeah~ Haslin promise to lend me "Camp Rock" DVD!*

*Stella... my real mum so much better and prettier as a person ok!?*
Shermeen was such a saddist today... curse my lappy piang! We went for lunch together, then she was "black face" throughout... and she said: "I'm very unhappy with ur friend!" QW oso very bu shuang with her la. Think she old liao... I mean yrs of exp so wat? You come to a new company of cos everything have to learn again. And QW they all already told her umpteen times how to do, stubborn Shermeen somehow still dun learn leh.

Night gt tuition with Brendan. He can't concentrate at all. Sometimes, I really feel like quitting his tuition leh~ but he's quite a "sticky" boy haha. Dunno how, think one day sure his mum or I can't stand, then we really gonna say bye-bye le. Plus nw I have a few tuitions... making my personal time table kinda packed, if I really get into Uni, sure got to let go a bit de.

Okie... maybe on a happier note: my DBSK socks and calendar'09 have arrived!

It's of really gd quality~ love it!

These socks are simply cute and lovely! I can't bear to wear them even! Love them a lot!

Life without free access to internet is boring! I might have to wait till the IT fair in March b4 I get a new laptop/desktop. My uni application? Go Michelle's house do haha~