Singing @ Topone KTV

Met up with ZY, Esther and ZP at Bugis Control at 10.30am. ZP wore formal... lol... cos he said need to get use to his new sales job... starting tml. Both ZJ and him de other half all back in China sia... wonder how they maintain the long distance relationship leh. ZP's gf only 17 or 18, working at cosmetic shop in China *Hmm... muz be quite a beauty~* and he's 25... planning to get married in 2yrs time!? Whoa... then the gal oni 20 nia~ so young!
4 of us went up but found Topone only opened halfway... but we queued up la. Early morning already gt quite a bit of queue lor. Anyway, we gt a rm up at 4th flr... altogether gt 7 or 8flrs ba. Nt big... in fact kinda small for 6 of us, when 2 of ZP's friend came later.
The songs ZP, WM and another China friend sang... Esther I think she nv hear b4 99% of it ba haha! I also 80% lor... ZY... oso about about the same ba haha. ZY and Esther I heard their singing b4 le... shan't comment on "Mr Eason" and "Miss Genie" nw lol.
ZP... yeah he usually used his“温柔鼻音” voice to sing, but when he sung许巍's song, he changed to using his throat to sing... and the huskiness of his voice came out~ it sounds so diff and that voice suited rock songs a lot! ZP u shld use that voice I seriously think so haha. Other than that, he usually uses a lot of真音to sing, which becomes a big prob when it comes to songs like“威尼斯的泪”. *切掉你的鼻子啊~haha.* Hope he din felt too much pressure, though.
WM... actualli I think all the 3 China guys have somehow细的声音. Very diff from their talking voice somehow. WM mah... his voice started to come out... as in he suit quite a number of songs ah...“彩虹”、“断点”、“旋律”、“记得爱” haha and of cos he sung my idol like F4 and Energy de songs too lol! His voice quite轻、温柔and细...转音nt bad ah. Think he can go the ballad sort haha.
Then, this last guy... who shook hand with me *for a LOL cause*, I can't rmb his name one... his voice kinda interesting. Both ZY and I tot so. I mean u won't notice at 1st, but his voice is juz细但有爆发力... I think suit张雨生de songs leh! In fact, I think he can even sing Sodagreen's songs. His尾音blah... oso juz unique haha. Oh yeah, he and Shirley together ah... very high one leh!
Shirley only join us a while... from 2+pm... then again this generous lady treated us to some finger food... but she only sang a bit, and she gt sth on, then have to leave le. Really so paiseh always let u treat ah Miss Shirley~ but thanks a lot! Hey, she gt the power in her voice when she sing“爱的主打歌”o!

7hrs leh... and we actualli finished singing! Lol~ okie la... at 1st they say Esther sound like Selina, and me like Hebe, then after I start singing Stefanie's songs...无药可救le... watever song I sing later they think sound like Stefanie haha. WM said ZY and me ah sing song already“定型”, gt our voice in there, whereas for them they still change their voices to suit the songs. Hmm... no ah... I think WM, ZP and another guy oso gt their own特色when they sing. Alright, 20nett... quite worth it, juz the songs nt very updated as Kbox.
*Sth in the eyes... is attractive.*

Went dinner with ZY and Esther. Had the minced meat noodle. After that, went Bugis V with Esther. I saw the doll shoes YB had... but sadly dun have maroon color liao... sad. Esther went ard looking to see if they were hiring... few shops were. We came across this hair extension shop... the China shop lady let Esther try the hair extension... but I think very ex... and the lady macham very gan jeong to sell the fake hairs off... even suggested Esther to go ATM machine to take money leh~ when she said she nt enough lol. I mean come on, the hair like barbie doll hair material,打结打到要死... chee. Well, I gt those kind of silver jumper strap... 10bucks ex but haha I like.

*This wkend felt so long... I so dun feel like gg back to work tml!*