*Nothing's attractive when I'm nt in the mood.*

Very long since I had this feeling... and the "after-effect" of playing too much is worse than I expected it would be. I had too long a break (4days)... and enjoyed myself so much so that this morning when I went back OOCL to work, I'm practically dragging my whole body back. Really leh... I mean I know today's sch reopen for many students, and while I'm nt studying, I somehow shared their "blues" too lol. I know "emo Ben"'s complaining hw he has no work on his blog, but here I am, actualli yearning for more rest, when I know I have admin work and tuition gg on for the coming mths~ *为了$$$,只好加油了!*

早上被Stella讲, but honestly I felt nth... absolutely no feeling at all cos I was all tired, all-nt-ready-to-go-back-to-work. Then, it was all work piled up for me... for nt coming last Fri lol. Dreadful when u're nt in the mood.
Anyway, QW's family ysd celebrated her 21st bady... cooked a feast I guess... and today, QW packed some here... and I had the pleasure of eating hehe. Nt especially for me of cos *sad~ lol*, but cos Evelyn, Stella and William's treating her to lunch (advance bday celebration), thus she let me eat that, which was her lunch initially lol.

*Snowman's being感性while writing the letter.*
QW's bday on coming Weds... and since she's turning "adult" a.k.a 21yrs old~ I decided to make her bday gift a little more special~ *Ssshh... even though I know she won't be here to read my blog haha.* Actualli, nt anything special, juz an extra letter. This letter... contains my tots of cos. Shan't share here... it's bet me and QW lol... after she read that letter. I think, for every of my gd friend turning 21, I shall make it a pt to write a letter to them! That's sth that represents friendship, and I hope of significance to them as well.

*SJ-M ifensi fanmeet session part 2... ah so nice la! Kyu Hyun's such a dork lol.*