*Need to buy shoes, hairband and take passport photo... busy ah! And y上两个星期的薪水这么少啊!?*

Haslin talk really funny mah... so that's why I laughed like siao... lol. Jeannine, Haslin, QW and I went TCC for lunch... celebrate QW's bday. Qw had quite a bad day today... being the mentor haha... "blood boiling" lol. I ordered this salmon spaghetti ($17+)... a bit salty but I find it nice.
We were talking about how Stella's fierce-ness used to吓跑some perm staffs last time, and they say she is a lot more“收敛”nowadays le.
Jeannine had her honeymoon in Italy *envious*, and she and Haslin were having the convo below:
[looking at a bar/restaurant beside OCBC building]
J: ... ppl go there for the ambience... romantic.
H: for food la.
J: ... like couples eat together... look into each other's eyes...
H: Not look into the food meh!?

Well, I concluded in the end: "See? That's the diff bet newly-wed (looked at Jeannine) and after being married for many yrs (looked at Haslin)." Both of them burst into laughter LOL!

Anyway, WJ's last day of work is nex Fri... QW say OOCL“开源节流”. Ninda's coming back to work in March. Seriously, I'm "mentally prepared" to look for a new job... production assistant sounds fun~ hope I hear news from QW soon. But honestly, I'm lazy to start sending out resume blah again.

Tuition with Jorrick... this boy nv wear spec, cos he say during holiday too long nv wear, so nw nt used to wearing lol. When I came down from his rm, his mum suddenly asked me my Chinese backgrd... I reminded her that I'm from poly CHS. At 1st I tot我教不好she wanna say sth... then she told me cos Garrick having his Chi (as 2nd lang) O lvl paper this yr, that's why she's thinking if Garrick needs, if I can tuition and prepare him for O lvls.
Who doesn't want more income ? Prob is I dun have e time. 24hrs a day is fixed. Still no news from Pranoy's dad... so I'm thinking if by CNY still no tuition for Pranoy, then I can take up Garrick's tuition if he needs.

*2009 seems a really bad economic yr for my family... alamak~*