CNY 2009 + Inkheart

Simple reunion dinner... steamboat.
It's only 2 days of CNY for me every yr... as in "officially"... and after tat, CNY's considered already over for me. So short... ah doi... dun feel like working liao all of a sudden haha.

Sun night slpt kinda late at ard 2.30am... cos was watching some Taiwan countdown concert show on Channel U. Mon woke up at ard 10am, washed up, went grandma's house here 1st. After tat, took taxi down to Dad's mum house.
There's this same old, wierd, awkward feeling I get every yr before stepping into grandma's house. Think cos it's cos I go there oni once every yr ba. It feels even worse when u realise the living rm gets a bit smaller each yr, as we "grow bigger" every yr haha.
Kind of a same old routine every yr I do: greet grandma, everyone esle, then heads into the kitchen for late lunch. It takes me "yrs" to finish my food... I can eat so slow... till it took like more than 30mins for me to finish a meal. Reason? I dun wanna go out into the crowded living rm at all. Uncles and aunties "auto" come into the kitchen to give me and bro red packets every yr... lol we so "大牌" haha. Ah Seng cousin went home early... din see much of his young daughter this time round... oh and I din know PS already in sec 4 liao la! My eldest niece lol~

Then walked into fifth uncle's bedrm as usual... lol. Chatted with MJ and JH. JH still very "bad"... bully me hmph! But gosh she's grown so much taller nw! Yet, still so thin... and her hairstyle makes her look like Jay Chou again lol. I brought my korean textbooks for SZ, and taught him some basics there. 3rd aunt came in the late afternoon... and again she let us randomly pick our own red packets from a pile spread out in her hands... haha luckily no more成语hehe. Dunno who gt the 50bucks red packet but I gt the 20bucks one... more than others liao lol.

Dinner went kitchen again lo. 气氛还蛮尴尬的... until bro gt his "flying drumstick" on the flr b4 I heard some laughters. Chatted a bit with YM. I didn't know MY had this "wierd habit" in office... *sssHHH... can't say~ lol.* SG so small, my cousin and MY worked together at the same company last time. He's still there, studying and working. Dunno y eh, I tot he look like a doctor sia...斯文的“心理医生”haha.

Some of them went for a movie after tat. We went home close to 9pm... considered late le... usually 7+pm last time. Din talk to many of them haha... cos dunno wat to say oso. We're all grown ups, aren't we? Somehow, we're passed the“捉迷藏”days haha. Gd thing? YM nt as "introvert" as SZ said ah~ haha. Oh yeah, 3rd aunt asked why didn't I go back so SPH? 脑里支吾着,嘴里却说出了我已经不记得的理由haha.

XY and SF they all came over to mum's mum house today. Just feel so much comfortable with relatives here... mayb cos we经常来往since young. Big aunt seemed uncomfortable, she went out with WL in the afternoon and I din see them after tat. Din get to see small aunt, DX and WQ too... cos XY, SF and I went Jurong Point for movie in the afternoon. We had Ajisan cos XY craving haha. Many shops weren't open though.
Inkheart... the one I tot the trailer was Harry Potter's.
Fantasy movie... characters in books coming alive after a "Silvertongue" read it. Hmm... so-so for me. I tot the baddie actor resembled Mr Bean lol. Kinda predictable de story plot I would say.

Rating: 3/5