I played with...

*2009's bad economy... haiz...让我又打消了出国游玩的念头。大学;钱... 工作;钱... god.*

Had面粉粿for lunch today... $4, dinner mum oso cook the same thing... but honestly, mum's cooking tasted a lot nicer.

*Brendan said my voice sounded like a "kid" through phone... doi I had to remind him tat I am his tuition cher leh~*
Tuition with Brendan was a bit of a disaster today... this boy's getting out of hand. 1st time I raise my voice to talk to a student leh! Gd thing? I gt my tuition pay, admin work pay, and Brendan's mum's early red packet hehe!

*用一个blog,来认识一个我。Haha~ 等我老了以后也可以来这看看,"flash-back"一下ah!*Yes~ Barbie dolls! These are soon to be given away. 说真的,星期三晚上收拾时还有点不舍。 I liked Barbie dolls when I was young. Those were the days when there would be commercials on TV showing u diff dolls selling in the market haha. I didn't have the chance to "own" them when I was really small, till I was in upper sec/poly then did I "rewarded my“遗憾”" with these 2 dolls hehe... think they costed me like $30+. *Yeah, I play with Barbie dolls even though I was already 17!*

记得小时候每次到店里看见Barbie doll时,我就会吵着妈妈要她买给我,但她都说买dolls浪费钱,不可以买。虽然算是当小女孩的一点“小小遗憾”,但现在回想起来我却不觉得可惜。
I grew up playing with Sony game station (?) , soccer and rollar-blading (with ZZ and bro), power rangers and other robots (with AZ), "lego" (with bro). Oh yeah, nt to forget those "cooking, ghost stories" enactment and stories that Eric, WY and her bro, plus me and bro came up with lol. Sometimes, I role-play as a cher/clothes seller myself at home lol~ 把自己所有的衣服搬出来摆haha.

Most things I play with nt very "girly"... guess cos most of my childhood playmates were boys haha. But I'm still a gal no matter wat. so I still like dolls, paper dolls and Polly Pocket.
As for my Barbie dolls... can't rmb when I stopped playing them though. So, they have been inside my cupboard for a number of months. Nw that I'm older, oso dun feel like playing with it le... so give away better.

对于艺术、美术、音乐、文学 有天份后天的学习可以让这样的能力展现出来

So true.*