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Fancy me trying on those fake nail extensions... sticker type. Wore them only ysd to singing lesson... but maybe it's juz "so-nt-me", and I've been worrying if those stickers会歪掉haha~ This morning went market buy jeans... tried on and bingo~ a few nail stickers flew out hah! Decided to take them all out... nt gonna waste any more 2bucks buying those fanciful nail stickers.


Sat morning woke up and went market with mum. Wanted to do french manicure but Snip Avenue no more place le... and the stupid auntie so rude when answering my queries... hmph. Then, went for some fortune-telling thing... haha the way the uncle described their appearance... so cute lol. *听听就好咯*

Afternoon met WZ and Esther and we went singing lesson. Hansen joined us for lesson today... but he's the new batch of student. We heard one guy自弹自唱“安静”and“小酒窝”... the latter sounded a bit too high for him. Jay's song suited him very well... soothing voice he has.

I sung Jolin's“假面的告白”... 进歌进错了~ the front part was totally messed up haha. 在我还在迷迷糊糊想抓rhythm时,Alvin突然冒出一句:“不要管Jolin的声音。”~ Just nice by then I caught the right part to sing le hah! Honestly, I didn't hear any Jolin's voice at all... it was really my mistake, I didn't catch the starting accurately lol. 误打误撞~ cher tot I was扰乱by the original singer's voice in the minus one lol.
Again, I chose a suitable song for myself to sing. Alvin tot我在唱歌时有些不确定, and I sounded like Stefanie singing Jolin's song lol. Alvin said it's alright, as long as I dun sing Stefanie's song, then I'm nt deemed as imitating.

*Even till nw, I will still发抖when I go onstage leh~ shit.*

Night went Bugis with WZ to have dinner. Poor gal... both her shoes spoiled... and she "limped" all the way from Aljunied to Bugis haha. Went Popular and gt her files, after which we had dinner at Foodcourt. Yucky cream sauce fish pasta I had~ won't eat again.

Took train home. When it came to Outram, there's this big grp of ppl pushing each other... literally squeeze in leh! I almost "flat" liao la~ 3 of them were Japanese somemore~ aren't Japanese suppose to be very polite huh? Lol... at 1st I tot they were from China leh... looks alike haha. Came home then bro told me about their train culture in Japan... even worse haha. Guess population prob no choice la.

*Find job~ arghhhh~~*

DBSK! Really envious of their acapella~ "Hahaha" song oso can sing until so nice~ I love their voices ah~~~

And I can't rmb if I posted this newest MV of DBSK's Jap song "Bolero" on my blog... the MV is alright, but the song is super powerful! Micky... I'm so surprised by his voice... sth I din expect last time haha. I'm waiting for the movie "Subaru" btw!