Broke cos of food~

*I can hear QW's "pain" from her heart... lol... literally boiling le~*

Had lunch with Katherine, Jennifer and Shermeen at "Tom Yum Kungfu" Thai restaurant near Boat/Clarke Quay there. Few choices but price considered ok le~ $6.90 for a set... rice + lemon grass drink + seafood tomyam soup + 豆干side dish. Will recommend to ppl who really like酸辣food.

Dinner went Jurong Point with QW. Wanted to get YB's doll shoes but realise wear on my feet dun look nice so I gave up lol. Gt 2 hairbands though... since my hair shorter nw, suit hairbands lol.
QW wanted to go to the Japanese Street... so we went in "Yaki Yaki Do" to eat dinner.

We sat at the place, with the chef cooking for a grp of us. They tie this sort of paper围巾ard u... lol macham small kids eating like tat haha. 2 of us ate $20+... we shared...生鱼片Jap rice... honestly I didn't look carefully at the picture on the menu when I order... juz tot it looked nice and when生鱼片came I shocked! Basically, I dipped all those生鱼片I eat with black pepper sauce or酱青lol... can cover the raw smell.

The fried tofu was ok, but the chicken set (on the piece of bread) was super nice~ We finished out salad, and QW finished the fried beansprouts too haha.
We oso had Japanese seafood pizza... which was like fried salad into pan pizza? Was quite nice but I was already kinda full by then lol. “面包小姐” QW only had bread for lunch, so she ate quite a lot during dinner lol. Guess wat? Her dream is to参加吃东西的比赛leh!

Walked home at 9pm... too full liao lol.