Updates for 2/10 - 5/10


Office was exceptionally quiet today cos 95% of the staffs went over to Comm Chest’s presentation event. ZX came over and told me he gt nth to do in the morning, then BA asked him to help update returned mails lol… he shldn’t have walked over to my side lor! Haha… ZX said eyes very painful ah… staring into the screens… nw he noes how tired ZZ was, and I am la!

Went lunch with ZX oni… cos someone invited TY to lunch. Wanted to eat the Bah Kut Teh one… but got tempted by the fish slice hor fun ($4.50)! Gosh it was nice lor~ tasty. *Shrugs… tml last day of work at NCSS… dunno if I wanna eat Bah Kut Teh or the Ipoh Hor Fun again… super nice leh~*
ZX joined in his sch de singing contest b4 and he sung Stefanie’s“我怀念的”… so fun. I’ve nv participated in one though. Nex mon gonna go join Zhen’s hostel’s singing grp… accompany her to sing for fun. *Pray I learn my Korean lang smoothly though.*

Overall, work’s kinda slackful today. I even managed to read Readers’ Digest in office!Few interesting facts/news/jokes I found in the October issue of Readers’ Digest:
1. We can keep our love ones’ DNA as a pendant! The Perpetua Life Jewel pendant cost $75, and is made using a blood sample, fur or feather from the person. Then, a replica of the generic fingerprint can be encased in a tiny tube to be worn on a chain ard our neck. Can go take a look at the dna store: perpetua.us
2. We see before interesting places whr u can write graffiti on the walls, or even throw bottles to vent our anger. But I didn’t know online gt such a website too! You can go up there and write all u want~ juz say it! bigwhitewall.com
3. JOKE: Bernie was invited to his friend Ken’s home for dinner. The host preceded every request to his wife with endearing terms, calling her Honey, Sweetheart, Darling, etc. “That is nice,” said Bernie. “After all these years that you’ve been married, you keep calling your wife pet names.” Ken hung his head and whispered, “To tell you the truth, I forgot her name three years ago.”

Night took bus to Brendan’s house for tuition… then he gt terrible stomachache last min. So, his mum took him to the clinic while I went home. Yeah, bus fares juz went up and the journey to and fro costed me $1, after a $0.40 rebate.*怎么老是觉得钱只出,不进呢?*

Stupid internet wasn’t working… well a blessing disguise I guess… cos I spent the rest of the night re-watching “Hairspray”.
Can I comment that I love this musical a lot? The super happy feeling in the beginning, some lovey-dovey, even cutie-sweetie things gg on in bet the characters, and oso the honest truth of Blacks V.S Whites in the early US days… a combination of fun storyline and cruel truths before our eyes~ I love this movie! A recommended muz watch~ esp for those who haven’t tried a musical movie. Guess wat? This was the 1st musical movie I watched and I gotta say… it gt me falling deeper into the loves for the genre!
Next, I caught a repeat of “Initial D” too haha. Ah… even though Jay’s nt the typical handsome guy, his cute face expressions in the film still made girls swoon over him la lol.

*Getting rounder… oh no~*

*Idiot ISP still nt working.*

My last day of work at NCSS today. Rushed and updated all 330+ returned mails… most so far haha. Well, things seemed to go pretty fine today. Had lunch with Anna, May, another female colleague, 2 male colleagues and ZX. They followed me to Ghim Moh market cos I wanted to try the Bah Kut Teh. Anna and I had that… $4… nice o! Gd recommendation by ZX lol. He ordered carrot cake… told uncle want $2, then in the end gave him $3 de… doi.

*Super Junior “Super Show” DVD! I’m waiting for u~*

Gt back to office, then TY “complain” cos I nv go lunch with her on my last day haha. They celebrated 3-4ppl’s bday today… those born in Oct. TY told them to give a slice to me haha… yeah and I told BA I’m born in Oct too~ so it’s like a “bday cum farewell” cake lol. KJ plus other colleagues wished me all the best… kinda weird leh haha.

ZX was sharing with me “his happiness” after getting pay… spend on ipod~ $388+ gone haha. Then, we mentioned about new yr clothes… he no budget so gd. ZX oso nt close with his dad’s side de relatives… me too. And I know many of my other friends as well… coincidence? We all seem to click better with our maternal side de relatives.


Anyway, here’s a few picture of my seat in NCSS, as well as the surrounding:

Dun eat this prawn cracker! Super spicy ah!

Had tuition early in the morning with Brendan. Boy his attention span too short le… having his breakfast is alright, but he always blabber some other things that were nt related to my subjects. Jorrick’s tuition today and nex weds would be cancelled due to his final yr exams… gd luck ah!

Met up with WZ at Aljunied… she slpt too much haha. We were late for class oni by a few mins lor… and Sebastian sorta reprimanded us. Ok, nt scold but he was kinda strict about this. Yes, I agree that being late is wrong, but at least I bothered to tell Alvin than 2 of us were gonna be late. There were some others who came in 15mins later even leh.

Sang 2 songs each. Sky was the new China student in class… transferred over from modelling class. I sang范玮琪’s“黑白配”and Stefanie’s“逆光”. Man I was super nervous during the 1st time. First song Alvin said overall ok la, but he caught my 1st转音up… then key不准haha. Ok, my standing posture was ugly too lol. As for Stefanie’s, I felt more confident singing that and tot my voice “came out” more in that song lol. Alvin said gt diff feel compared to when I was singing“黑白配”… he wants us to try diff styles of songs. Well, general mistake by ppl were like音不准、跑拍、起伏不够、紧张etc.
We didn’t practise发声today cos we were using the dance studio, and cher tot it was a bit unsuitable. He did recommended each of us to sing a certain genre of song, and shared about few local famous编曲人 like Martin Tang&吴佳明. But still weird, I think he kept on confusing bet. me, WZ and another gal. 1st he recommended me Jolin’s“听说爱情回来过”, then WZ said that is a super slow song. Then, near end of lesson he told 3 of us to choose powerful songs to sing nex wk. Doi… so in the end I asked him again… he said either genre for me oso can lol.

WZ and I took train to Bugis, and ZJ auto talked to us during the journey. So, she’s a EEE student in NTU o… teaching singing in Chi society somemore~ Man the way she talked oso can hear the气焰in her lor… bet she wanna be a singer a lot la. *I juz wanna earn extra money from this though.* Anyway, WZ and I had Katong laksa for dinner, after I bought my blank CDs from Sim Lim Square. Gt myself a cartoon tee… 10bucks. *Mum say market sell for $6… doi.* Then, we sat down at J.Co to practice for the upcoming singing session at NTU on Mon…张韶涵’s“寓言”.
*Oh my lappy… let me burn all my videos and songs into the CDs b4 u really “die”~*

*My Singnet connection ah… why can I connect to the internet but nt surf webpages!?*

Met up with HL and JQ at JE to discuss about the Chi educational DVDs. Went over to Café Cartel at IMM cos JQ haven’t had lunch. We shared the 6-piece chicken drumlets ($5.80). Had all unlimited supply of bread too lol. JQ and HL shared mushroom soup too. Discussed over there and we gt a few ideas here and there. Went ard Popular store to look at other chi educational DVD for kids too… Innokidz gt “Hello Kitty series” DVD leh!
Went library to look for books. Borrowed one Chi and an Eng storybook. Both HL and I wanted the Eng non-fiction book by Dave Pelzer. I borrowed the 3-in-1 one… “My Story: A child called “It”, The Lost Boy, A Man Named Dave” while HL had the “The Lost Boy”.

Then, we had dinner at Zingdo… tot I could use my voucher but stupid the manager say oni can use 1 piece ($10) at a time… what the!? Anyway, JQ’s deep-fried fish fillet bimbap was super nice. HL and I had the normal chicken noodle… but HL changed it to Tang Hoon. Took away Kimchi for mum too.

Been some time since I saw JQ… still as lame and天马行空lol. Gd that she’s studying childhood education at RTRC. 念书的日子真不错。
Since I can’t use internet, might as well spend my night watching dl-ed movies haha.
Watched “High School Musical”… by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. Troy and Gabriella met on a New yr dance party… they sung the song “Start Of Something New” (damn nice!) and found out that both had interest in singing. East High is holding an audition for school musical but seemed like both Troy and Gabriella had doubts about joining. Troy’s the captain in Wildcats, the basketball team and he has to practise for a Championship Games (Troy’s dad’s the coach) and his friends seemed to think he can’t do musical as well. As for the genius kid Gabriella, she had the experience of fainting when singing solo lol. But机缘巧合下, the drama cher heard their singing while the 2 sang along with the composer Kelsi *I thought this girl is pretty.*. So, they gt a chance to audition for the second round and that made the “all-time-musical-lead” Sharpay fumed~

Well at first, friends tried to prevent the 2 from doing musicals but back in their own “arenas”: Troy, basketball and Gabriella, studies. This caused a great deal of misunderstanding between the 2. But still, *true friends are friends* they supported the 2 in the end haha. Juz one part I couldn’t agree with… where the basketball match can resume as and when they like… juz nice when Troy and Gabriella’s audition ended. *Ppl, watch the show to get what I’m referring to haha.*Happy ending for 1st part of the movie series. *Sharpay was so funny and cute in the end lol.*

“Do you remember in kindergarden how you’d meet a kid and know nothing about them, then ten seconds later you’re playing like you’re best friends, because you don’t have to be anything but yourself.”
Be yourself. Yeah, the “real” us. The “inner child” that’s with us. I reckon it’s still in me, but guess part of it’s growing up too. Nvm figuring out who u really are, cos what matters is that I know I’m being myself… at least for most of the time haha.

*OMG I loved all the songs in the movie~ esp those duets and slow blues.*

Rating: 4/5