Just My Luck

Mon evening I was having a nap when I suddenly dreamt of Xiah in my dream... both of us were on the way home (in my dream he lives at PH's condo LOL) and we were singing to "Summer Dream"'s chorus together! I was listening to him sing parts that I dunno the lyrics too. OMG... and我竟然敢敢紧紧牵着他的胳膊(手臂?)... anyway Xiah's beaming as well! Haha! Sweet dream~

One kiss, and Ashley Albright and Jake Hardin exchanged their "luck".
In the beginning of the show, Jake's totally down with luck whilst Ashley's gt a smooth week. They met at this masquerade party (everyone wears mask) by chance, and exchanged kisses during a dance. From then on, Jake's gt lady luck with him. He managed to get McFly, a band that was singing at a bar previously, a singing contract even!
As for Ashley, the tarot lady hinted that if she wanted to get her gd luck back, she would have to "take the kiss back" from Jake. So, she searched high and low for Jake, kissing every man she thought resembled Jake lol.

Again, by chance, Jake and Ashley gt to know each other. He helped her a lot. Soon, Ashley gt to know Jake's the one she'd been looking for. Yeah, she took her luck back. But poor Jake's met with problems cropping up during McFly's concert at the Hard Rock Cafe. Haha... Ashley managed to give Jake the kiss before the concert started PHEW! Everything went on smooth~

This is a "fairytale-storyline" that wouldn't exactly happen on Earth. But who cares? I was addicted to it haha! No wonder it's strongly recommended! Ppl, catch this or nt... juz ur luck!

Rating: 4/5
PS: Oops... 3am nw!

*I wanna catch“武侠梁祝”and "High School Musical 3"!*


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