If I Were Superman

I watched this show cos Jeon Ji Hyun was in it.
After watching, I realised the real reason wasn't so.

Yes, she's the female lead and her随性打扮does remind me of her in "My Sassy Gf". Her character as a reporter tails the male lead, who claims that he is Superman. Superman doesn't have his super power cos there's a kryptonite in his head that the baddie instilled in, and it prevents Superman from using his super powers.

Starting of the show was a bit boring for me... cos basically showing how Superman goes ard helping others and saving the Earth. He made friend with Jeon Ji Hyun's character and that changed his own "future".
In the middle, he was forced to wake up from his own imaginations, facing reality and finding back the fact that he's juz but a ordinary person. All the fancinations about "Superman" was cos he lost his dad, and his wife and daughter last time. Well, they told him some words that reminded of Superman.
In the end, "Superman" did managed to save a little girl from a fire. The director first showed that he flew out of the window, and everyone was hurraying, then showed the sad fact that he was actualli dead on the floor, after jumping down from the building.

I guess what was touching wasn't how it's filmed. But rather, the truth behind the story. There's really a man born in 1979 in Korea, who gt shot in 1980, and 1mth later, even though he survived, he claimed that he's "already dead". In his next 28years of life, he experienced epilepsy every nw and then. In the last year of his life, he behaved as if he's "Superman".

Rating: 3/5


Met up with WZ at Aljunied. Before tat saw Esther waiting for Shirlyn. WZ lost her voice totally, so could only listen in class. 8 ppl came to class nia today.
Esther sung her“燕尾蝶”... she so cute, kept on laughing... cos bad cher Alvin was laughing lol. I was the 2nd one to sing a full song...“放不下”. Cher tot the song was too easy, though my转音improved a little from last week. And he told me nt to sway like a little kid on stage lol. He said couldn't see much prob since the song's too easy... lol... and he saw thru the fact that I tend to sing songs with many转音in them haha.

Alvin oso shared with us some methods of training to hold our breath... including blowing a ply of tissue against the wall and the "one-blow-and-the-candlelight's-out" method haha. I'm still struggling a bit with the吐气method... cos I've the tendency to run out of breath very fast lol. We learnt about如何处理歌曲as well, by separating them into verses, singing with diff emotions,轻重音etc. Somehow, it's rather抽象to me. I guess my weakness in singing is the感情part.

Dennis came over to our class near 7pm. He was asking each and everyone of us:“最喜欢自己五官哪里?”. I dun have a particular liking for my五官but my fav is my voice.我喜欢自己的声音,自信当然是一点一点累积起来的。如果有机会,我真的很想尝试“玩转”声音,甚至从事这样子的行业(配音etc)...应该会很好玩。

Anyway, I din noe范玮琪's voice is considered“干净”, as compared to Angela Zhang's. In class, my's considered“干净”le lol. Alvin said quality of voices are "in-born", can't change.Girls'指定歌曲for nex Sat is薛凯琪's“新不了情”. I nv hear tat song b4... haha muz learn properly le.

Juz before class ended, cher bade goodbye:“下个礼拜见”to one of the China student. He was like: "Huh?" Alvin repeated again but he couldn't get the meaning. So, I tried helping by saying:“下个星期见” 2 times. But, he still couldn't understand us alamak~ So I干脆waved and said:“Bye-bye~”! 他才似乎恍然大悟~LOL.

Dinner had Mee Rebus ($2.80)... so-so nia. WZ had Mee Siam... this gal insisted haha. Can't rmb when's the last time I lost my voice but I noe it's always terrible for me when it comes to losing voice, sort throat etc. My singing voice is gonna be worse than before. I think my singing voice has already been affected by some of the past sore throats I had... nt as“干净”as b4 le haha.
*扁桃腺发炎can be scary~*


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