High School Musical 2

*Reading "A Child Called 'It'" makes me feel sick at times; I'm frowning after every 3mins. David's mum is just mad.*

Watched Korea's MBC Radio show"朴静林的星夜电台"... DBSK was the guest on the show. I liked how the concept was similar to Taiwan's“超级星期天” 寻人segment. Each and every member had the person in mind, whom they wanna "find".
U-Know's was a girl(申京花) he had a crush on when he was in pri 4 or 5. They were best of friends, both leaders in school. U-Know's family members knew the other party's family too. Sadly, the girl transferred to Seoul when not long after, just before U-Know had the chance to give her a Christmas (I think) present.
Max said he wanted to find the girl(朴正善) whom he nv had the courage to speak to in person during his school days. They were in the same“李恩载英语补习班”(Haha~打广告)when Max was in初中三年级. He said that she's shy and the studious type.
Micky's gt 3 ppl in mind at 1st: a teacher, a guy friend and a female friend (洪熙珠). *Haha... the girl beat the other 2 in the end!* This fair lady was Micky's best friend when they studied the same class at家乐小学(pri 4,5)... until later Micky left for America, they lost contact.
Xiah looked for林小妍, the girl in his四年级二班in嫩曲小学. The host asked why he wanted to find her and Xiah said:“因为是一个记忆很深的名字。” Other members were teasing him saying he liked/loved that girl, then blur Xiah gt this confused "Did-I-liked-her-?" look haha! He kept on denying though... 间中夹着“幸福的微笑”LOL.
Hero studied in重清南道公州中洞瓶设幼儿园玫瑰班, *Their classes use flowers to describe so cute haha.* and he wants to find the 85-er gal classmate.

Anyway, they acted a short drama on-air too... hilarious one... with Xiah and Max doing all those "constipation sounds" lol. The story was about them before debut... deciding on group names like五脏六腑、东方不败b4 the final confirmed one:东方神起. The members talked about each other's gd and bad pts as well. Micky's broad forehead was being laughed upon lol. *Hero kept on hitting the [monk chanting used de] thing... so funny.*

林小妍did call in to Xiah. But, she commented that Xiah's short lol. Xiah was like: "I'm already 178cm. Haiz, do I have to mention SJ that (Eun Hyke) again!?" LOL. 洪熙珠 called in too, and Micky asked her if she rmbed he gave her a present on Valentine's Day last time? She replied: "Heart-shaped choco." Then, the other members began to起哄~ so funny! Well, in the end, oni Xiah and Micky managed to find the ppl they want.

Finished watching “High School Musical 2” ard 1.15am in the morning haha. This time round, Troy, Gabriella and the “Wildcat” gang took up a summer job at a club. They didn’t know that belonged to Sharpay’s parents though. Troy wanted a scholarship for college life, and through the Sharpay’s parents, he gt to know a group of ppl and have to打好关系with them in order to clinch the scholarship. Troy didn’t realize that he’s slowing changing: didn’t hang out with his gang as often, and neglected Gabriella as well. Gabriella became disappointed with Troy, and left him for a while.Well, of course our male lead reflected and came to his senses finally haha. The Wildcats were as good as ever in the end.

Still loved the songs in the movie. All the lyrics have strong画面感, and the dances were brilliant! Kudos to the choreographers! In fact, Missy Sharpay might seem to dislike the Wildcats in the show, but whenever it comes to group singing and dancing, they all were one. The thing I like about musicals… musicals seem to signify圆满, happiness.

I prefer the 1st movie haha. But nevertheless, I’m anticipating for the last one.

Rating: 3.5/5

*Wierd dream... I dream I was back in China with HL, JX, Bel etc. We went to eat ice-cream and watch“陈水扁总统游街”lol!*


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