*Blogging... cos I dun want my "blog readers" to get bored of the dust haha~ Btw, I needa blog only when I feel tat I have sth to blog mah.*

I gt this stupid and funny dream last night... dreaming a Thai master was supposed to help me and my bf (in the dream) predict our future... if we would end up together blah. Then, I went all the way down to Thailand, and there's this lady... she led me to a toilet. *?!* She told me in order for the master to "predict properly", I must 1st profess my love for my bf~ Then, the next thing I knew was I actualli yelling "Eden/Edan, I like..." or sth in the dream HAHA! But b4 I finished, ZX's image appeared for a split second, and I decided that Eden/Edan wasn't whom I truly like~ so I actualli turned to ask the lady if I could change the name I shouted LOL!
Absurd hor the dream? I rmb the name "Eden" shld be from the horror movie "Eden lake"... *why am I dreaming of this name!? Horrible~*

7days a wk. Almost everyday tuition, with no cut-down at my company work yet... so feeling rather tired today. Think the air-con at the new seat exceptionally cold leh... I did so many TDLs today and then the stupid cold air gave me headaches sia. Lunch had cup noodle, with QW cos I wanted to look thru Garrick's higher MT assessments. QW oso kinda busy la, with her archery and malay lang lessons.
Oh anyway, the way Calvin talk really humourous. He was talking to his client on the phone when he said "Aiyah, nw economy so bad, everything oso muz do ah! Be a 'duck' (gigolo) oso muz do ah... u want a duck?" LOL la~

Finished reading "Twilight" finally.

There were quite a few differences here and there bet the bk and movie... like for example Bella's being dressed up by Alice b4 the prom and nt by herself, and Jacob and Bella actualli talked while dancing at the prom in the book. I think I enjoy alot when they go into the details of vampire history... like how Carlisle, Alice, Jasper blah were like b4 they were turned into vampires... the kind of super power they had is cool to know. I din know Jasper had the ability to calm moods from the movie haha. Still, I tot the movie was very smooth in connecting all parts together... thumbs up.

Rating: 3.25/5 (cos I already watched the movie... so basically I din have much chance to "anticipate" while reading lol~)
Below is a picture of "Twilight" movie characters I gt from someone's blog... nice collage. And I promise to finish "New Moon" b4 the movie comes out haha!

And I just saw the the official website that the DVD and Blu-ray comes out in end of March~ hopefully it comes to SG soon!

Japanese movie "Subaru" is coming out in March in Asia (hopefully). It's a movie about a ballet dancer named Subaru. To think I tot that "Subaru" is the car brand's name lol... I tot this movie was about racing cars or wat at 1st lol. If nt for DBSK's cameo appearance and wonderful song "Bolero", I wouldn't watch this movie lol. Below is the trailer... hope it shows in SG theatres~

All right, some CFs I've seen in the past few days... SHINee's Nana CF... Minho version 1st... he looks very gd here somehow lol.

Taemin's one next... haha typical gal and guy "knock" in the library lol~

This is the "love triangle" version... U can see the link from clip 1 and 2...

As for the perfume 12 plus that Michelle gt me from Thailand... here's the CF in which Siwon and Kyuhyun are in... Kyuhyun is so playful and cute at 0:26 lol... big kid ah~ The female lead is very "doll" though haha.

Alright, back to singing classes tml.