Brideshead Revisited (2008)

Tiring wk. Nt getting enough slp due to my addiction to internet... those DBSK, SJ and SHINee vids were the main culprit.


Ysd had my 1st tuition with Garrick... HCL and CL. Nan Hua Sec so "hiong" lor when it comes to study... omg... okie I dun come from a名校so I guess I wouldn't understand haha. Erm... seems to me that he's the "studious type"haha. After tat, went Popular to get assessment books for him, and went on to market for a walk. A walk alone like tat once in a while is pleasurable.

As for the uni applications, just managed to finish them only this afternoon... I spent literally 4+hrs doing everything... dizzy man~ Still gt lots of documents to photocopy though. I did watever I can this time round, so hopefully may good comes for the hopefuls. *cross my fingers*

At night, spend my time watching "Brideshead Revisited".

Heavily religion-based movie... about Catholics.
No choice of freedom; it's all heaven's will... blah... Even though I have a religion myself *no offence*, I think that's rubbish.
To me, 宗教信仰是精神的寄托; 是我感到不安时的安慰. Definitely nt what we came to this world for. Lady Marchmain is killing her children, with her obsessed belief.

Then again, but in封建的时代, such "孽缘" are deemed to be condemned.
Poor Julia and Sebastian, the lovely siblings.

Rating: 3/5