*Stupid Singpost! It's the 4th time I'm reminding them to transfer my item over! Shld tell them pay back my 5bucks of delivery fees sia~*

Morning went ICA to take my passport. Lucky I booked appointment leh... Sat a lot of ppl there. Gt there, and everything was done in less than 5mins. Was supposed to meet Bel and LX but then, lazy Bel woke up late. In the end, the meet-up was cancelled.
Was about to sms PH to ask if she's free to go for a movie, but打消念头halfway, and then Pat sms-ed haha. So, we met 1+pm at Ngee Ann City KINO bookstore... cos I was reading thru some numerology books there... interesting to discover oneself eh?

2 of us had Pastamania for lunch. I quite like the Marinara pasta... as well as the tomato soup. Then, we played arcade haha. Stupid 2 of us... played the drum beating game... chose the "easy" one... and it was so boring~ macham 2 nuns敲鼓念经的样子haha. Played basketball~ ah I'm bad at tat hehe.

Went in this small theatre for the movie, "Changeling".

"The metaphoric meaning of Changeling is the foundation of the 2008 film of the same name starring Angelina Jolie and directed by Clint Eastwood. The film is based on the true story of a mother whose child was kidnapped and then replaced with an impostor by the Los Angeles Police Department (hence the "Changeling" metaphor) in order to cover up their incompentence in finding the missing child."
Quoted the above from Wiki. This is a true, kidnap murder case tat took place in Los Angeles and Riverside County, California, bet 1928 and 1930. For more info, go:

True acc story. Angelina Jolie's acting skills... gd of cos. But ppl juz feel kinda sad after watching this movie. Who exactly is to blame for the series of unfortunate happenings? I read up on "Wineville Chicken Coop Murder": 当时的社会风气腐败... police dun uphold justice but abused their authorities, and this poor but strong mum, Christine Collins was forced to stand up for her own, if she wanted to find her missing son back. She went against the police, and gt locked up in an asylum. Lucky the reverend and one police office helped her. Christine might nt have found her son, but she did alerted Los Angeles of how bad the治安in their city was.

Born from the result of an incest, the gruesome murderer, Gordon Northcott, was once sexually abused too. So, by sexually abusing and killing about 20 young boys, it seemed like revenge isn't it? It's definitely justice that he's put to death, but he was once a victim too... no one knew tat until words came out. His nephew, Sanford Clark, was another victim too... forced to help in the murders as well. And Walter Collins, plus other boys... they were innocent.
I think I'm more angry at the police rather than the murder tat took place. Incorrigible I'd call it... and irresponsible.

However cruel it might sound, these kind of things are still happening in some corners of the world.

Rating: 3.5/5

At night went temple with family to“补运”. Ok... gd luck to me for my uni application this yr!