*DBSK seemed to have appeared in my dream recently... but I can't rmb le lol.*

After tuition with Garrick, I went to Aljunied to meet up with Esther, Shirlyn and WZ. After nearly a mth of break, finally lesson with E.A.I resumed today.
On our way to class saw Hanson... his 1st lesson juz ended haha... muz ask him how it felt someday haha. YJ came back to lesson today haha... but ZP din come leh... wierd he told me he would.

Alvin told us nt to prepare any songs, that he had an agenda for us... which was to讲“感情”. He wanted us to sing without music today... using our voice, choosing an incredibly sad song to move the audience. Nevertheless, we failed terribly... I'm one of them lol. I sung Kit Chan's“天冷就回来”... in the 1st place, this already isn't a very sad song to majority out there...只是淡淡的哀伤. 我就是喜欢这样的哀伤. Those too
emotional/sad ones ah...催泪one I dun prefer... cos I simply dun find myself "connecting" with those songs. Maybe cos我的人生也还没有那么悲哀过吧.
*一个歌手,最重要的是和歌曲“来电”... 我还做不到啦.*

Honestly speaking, few感动me this time round. 只单纯的用声音去感动,我们连基本都还是问题,怎么做到啊? I do agree with with Simon saying that b4你运用感情在歌里,你必须先有技巧. But Alvin说话也很矛盾啦... at 1st say muz“感动”, in the end after more and more comments and students singing, I realise he began to push the focus to“感觉”. I think“感动”和“感觉”很不一样eh. 我唱歌可以给你一种感觉( eg. jazzy feel)但未必是感动.
I admit it's diff for me to put feelings into songs when I'm singing, cos I dun exactl
y like the feeling of“赤裸裸地把心摊开来,展现在一群陌生人前。”... considered a kind of心理障碍ba? Haha. Plus, the "real me" is all about "laziness" LOL~ Jazz songs have that feel and I enjoy it. Dennis asked each of us wat kind of singer we aim to become? I answered:“创作型歌手”. (No la~ I dun want to be a pro singer really haha.) He wants all of us to work towards the goal, but there are so many of us here in one class with different aspiration, how are they gonna stretch each of us according to our强项s?

And one more thing I
strongly disagree with: 悲哀的歌才能感动人. Cos Alvin wanted us to choose really sad songs to move audience. 一首歌悲不悲哀,靠的是歌词、歌曲和声音的结合。不是说单单歌词伤感,还是编曲哀伤,就足够感动人。一首平淡无奇的歌 (lyrics and melody nt exactly sad),交给演绎经验丰富/声线饱满的人来诠释,一样可以感动人心。I'm nt saying u would be moved listening to fast songs, but songs really dun have to be sad to move us, at least me. Sometimes, it's the story behind the song that moves ppl more... like example this singer wrote a certain song under some circumstances, and when we audience get to know the story, it naturally makes us sadder. A gd example I could think of is S.H.E's“我爱你”. The melody is more of“澎湃”style, and Alvin always say they sing "no feel", but the true story behind the song is wat makes the song touching. See? That's why I always tot创作人are mostly good! Lol. Lastly of cos, it's from the audience pt of view. Whether or nt they connect with the song sometimes does depend if they have similar experience b4. For me, sad songs simply dun work most of the time... cos我一直相信“悲哀”只是人看到的一面,还有很多其他的方面. I get goosebumps nt because I'm touched, but it's cos the vocal is overwhelming... "powerful" in another word. If I "agree" with that song, I would smile when I listen to that song haha.

Shirley drove me, Shirlyn and WZ to Paya Lebar MRT. We planned to go Bugis eat at 1st, then Shirlyn received that fake Bugis bomb threat sms from her friend, then we went to City Link instead. WZ went home 1st cos they having steamboat, a farewell dinner. Shirlyn, Ryan and I had dinner at拉面小笼包. I tried the四川酸辣面 ($8.90)... nt spicy la but a lot of vinegar... ah I love it! Esp the mushroom slices... woo~
Sadly, I couldn't finish cos a bit too big la the portion. We shared the toufu too... quite nice.
Ryan and Shirlyn were going on and on about entrepreneurship things... Shirlyn's a super busy gal haha... kinda了不起I think. Went home ard 10+pm.

*OMG... 1st time I see a China guy look so angmoh... like Daniel Wu leh.*

Finished with a lyric I left uncompleted mths ago. I already hummed a tune for the repetitive lines haha but no chance to record yet... someday yeah.

Sweet, sad, silent

It was sweet, it was sad, it’s now silent

It was sweet, it was sad, and then silenced

It’s a new morning

A new beginning for me

I’m walking on the streets

And strangers are beaming at me

I thought there would be the same old smile

Before I recall I’d lost it somehow

Oh how

It was sweet, it was sad, it’s now silent

It was sweet, it was sad, and then silenced

Buried in work

Busy with flirt

I thought I’d buried my emotions

Run a high fever and I locked myself up

I thought the rest alone would be enough

Before I realise it’s better with you here

Oh here

It was sweet, it was sad, it’s now silent

It was sweet, it was sad, and then silenced

Close the windows now please

I don’t want no disturbing

Tears from my eyes went into the air

Pictures from the past burned into ashes

Memories of you and me became broken pieces

And then they disappeared

Just like how we were sweet,

we were sad

And now silent.

Just like

it was sweet, it was sad, it’s now silent

We were sweet, we were sad, and now silenced