The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

166mins. Longest movie I ever watched in the cinema.
Benjamin Button's "born an 80yrs old", and got younger as yrs went. He learned more about the adult world as he gradually "grows younger": learning how to walk, knowing Daisy, stepping out of folks' home, sailing abroad, gg to brothel, meeting Elizabeth Abbott, gg to war... and coming back to Daisy in his life again.
The movie talked a lot about Benjamin's life experiences, but I tot the main thing was still about him, "the man born under unusual circumstances", and his childhood playmate Daisy. He's abnormal but she's juz like many other human beings: born young, age, and die old. They parted, and reunited. I suppose it's gd in a way, for them to meet each other when the "pt of time came"... Benjamin was 40+, 50yrs old and Daisy was in her 40s. It was the pt when both of them looked most compatible, appearance wise. Daisy gave birth to Caroline, and Benjamin left her. He knew he was gonna "die the other way"... becoming a young man, acne-proned teenager, kid... and in the end, a toothless baby. Daisy took care of Benjamin in the later yrs of his life... I hated how Benjamin lost his memories, lost the ability to talk and walk... somehow I tot god gave him nth but almost all of misery in his life. He's born despised, and died with memories taken away from him.

I liked how the director went back in time, thru the narration of Benjamin Button's life. One scene that Benjamin narrated about how the car accident Daisy met with could have been prevented... linked many things that seemed to be unrelated... together. So many "ifs" in life. And the man, who gt struck 7times by lightning in his life... ppl in the cinema laughed at those sight... me too. But maybe we shldn't, huh?

Benjamin might have had a twisted life, but he's basically gone thru wat we all might most prob go thru as well. He chose to jot them down as memories. If I were Daisy, I'd have narrated them to Benjamin when he juz started to suffer from dementia. Death is a common sight in the show. Benjamin saw too many of tat, but his own death was different from the rest. He died in the arms of Daisy... his beloved. So wat? I doubt the baby actualli knew that... even if those blue eyes seemed to be beaming at the sight of Daisy.

Imagine a "bell-curve" graph. Benjamin and Daisy shared happiness only during the "optimum pt"... and during the rest of the times? They were kind of separated, be it physically or mentally... juz nt meant to be. I think I can't agree more with things that are said in the movie... "We nv know wat life has install-ed for us."... like how u can be aggressive, stubborn, dun wanna admit failure, but when it comes to the end, u've gt no choice but to accept how it ended.

Hmm... I can nv体会how Benjamin felt, but I'm glad I saw life in another way.

Rating: 4/5