NY Night Market with HT & Alina + Dinner @ Plentyfull with SS, XY, MT & Alwyn & SS’s housewarming gifts @ Metro + Lunch with Ian & Potato, Osaka Ohsho with YB & Ben + Song Fa BKT @ JEM with Jess + SS & John’s housewarming + 김비서가 왜 그럴까

9/8/18 Thurs: Met HT and Alina for lunch at NY Night Market aft donating my old stuff to Salvation Army IMM. Did looked for winter boots at Timberland but waterproof one’s are selling at $200+ a pair… ex. I tried the spicy seafood jampong and it was really shiok! Tried one beer cocktail with the apple cider but it tastes weird for me, but the Blood and Seoul Alina had was very nice though. One staff from Fav was there and so we could pay via Fav and earn a $2 discount off total bill.
Good to hear that HT’s moved on from her last r/s and that the new one is “blossoming” haha~ another gd catch-up this time round.
11/8/18 Sat: XY, SS and I shopped at the snack fair at Suntec City while waiting for MT and Alwyn to end their walk at the BB fair upstairs. Aft tat, we settled down for dinner at Plentyfull at Millenia Walk. MT’s so motherly now~ playing with Alwyn, comforting him when he cries, and changing diapers etc. *Being a mum is juz so hard… esp when the baby decided to cry loudly in public omg!* I don’t usually carry babies cos they’re so fragile but the 3-mths old Alwyn is juz too cute haha! *Just 5 swings up and down and my arms are alrdy tired… and he weighs a mere 6.5kg.*
Aft MT and Alwyn left at 7+pm, 3 of us headed over to Metro at Orchard for SS to buy baking materials as our pre-housewarming gifts to her and John! We couldn’t really help much in selection cos both of us don’t bake lol. XY and I got to do lifetime membership of Metro for free that day too.

12/8/18 Sun: 2nd lesson of Fight-do, but XY wasn’t feeling well so she din join in the class today. Received photos from Halimah~
13/8/18 Mon: Potato came over and we met his bestie Ian for lunch at market. He was back to celebrate his mum's bday, and we caught up a bit. Good that he's getting a promo at work! And Potato and I will be visiting him in Tokyo in December! 
YB and I reached Osaka Ohsho at Westgate first for dinner, b4 Ben joined later. It's nice to hav buddies whom you can talk to and juz be urself with. The ramen, fried rice and cold tofu are yummy! *Big thks to Ben for the treats from Japan!*

14/8/18 Tues: Had Song Fa Bah Kut Teh with Jess at JEM for dinner... it's kinda salty actually. I tot the branch at Clarke Quay somewhat tastes better. We discussed a bit on our trip to Khao Kho the wk aft... can't wait!
18/8/18 Sat: Potato and I head down to John and SS's new nest at Punggol aft tuition with Jayden. Only Michelle and YQ were still thr by the time we reached, and lotsa pastries, salad, pizza and prawn soup (super duper yummy!) were waiting for us both. Mich and YQ were watching“延禧攻略”on the TV, and I think I muz catch it soon... cos all the girls ard me are crazy over that!
MT, her hubby and Alwyn reached in the evening. We all did a tour of SS and John's place, and I liked some of their furnitures like the multi-coloured ceiling light in her bedrm and the 180 degree ceiling fan (TW brand) in her rms too. The sofa was comfy too! The layout of her unit is similar to ours, juz tat it's a 5-rm flat. *Need advice from the couple when PotaTOH's house is almost ready!* Anyw, we had Thai spicy steamed seabass for dinner, grilled chicken fillet with celery and onions, enoki mushrooms with veggies and salad for dinner! Gd one!

Finished watching "김비서가 왜 그럴까". 
I enjoyed the beginning... the typical霸道总裁... how he treated his secretary and hw was he so "dumb" towards love. However, I found his "dumbness" a bit too much throughout the show la... 不现实嘛! 박서준reminds me a lil' of Vanness from some angles, and박민영is too pretty... surely muz hav been under the knife before, and not only her nose I believe. They do look gd together though.
However, I found the show draggy towards the end. The other storyline of the two brothers being kidnapped when they were young does not entice me much though.

Rating: 2.75/5