Backdate: Melbourne trip June 2017 Day 3

7/6/18 Weds: We woke up at 5am to gather and wait for the mini bus which will take the grp (mostly Asian tourists, and a few SGreans too) to Yarra Valley's launch site for the hot air balloon. Took us 45mins to reach at 6.30am, and the first glimpse of sunshine was at 7.20am for the day! *Thankful for good weather, but it was only 3 degrees Celcius~ brrrr!*

Potato helped our captain Brian with the set-up, and whoa one can feel the warmth of the flame while standing near the bucket. We spent 1hr up in the chill, and from dark till break of dawn. It was beautiful as we could see farms, houses (ppl waving to us from their house), forests, clouds, sunshine and valleys. I wasn't thinking much most of the time, just taking in what I saw up there. And it was great I wasn't as phobic as I thought I'd get. It felt surreal and peaceful at the same time. *I guess if the "greedy me" wasn't tempted to take so many photos and try to make copies of nature's beauty, then I could literally stand there, do nth and just be wow-ed.*
It was an awesome morning with Potato, and I'm glad we went for the experience. Aft which, we all had to help pack the balloon! It was so heavy la~
My feet were numb from being in the cold that morning, while helping to deflate the balloon. Next up, champagne buffet breakfast was alrdy waiting for us at the hotel's lobby!
I rmb I liked the shrooms, that's it haha... others were meh-meh. We bought a thumbdrive of photos from them for momento sake, which contained the grp photos Brian took up in the air. We had little time to explore aft tat cos we had to check out from Balgownie Estate by 11am, and drive to 270 Nicholson St to our Airbnb, which was about an hr's drive away. *Look at that big chess set outside the hotel haha!*
The 4-nights' stay at the Airbnb (S$440 for two) allowed for free parking juz outside our rm, and it was quite a cosy place. There's even a heated up mattress for guests since it's winter (each one of us could decide how warm we want the side of our bed to be), and fresh milk and bread provided for breakfast.The only complain I hav was that the toilet floor tiles were super cold everytime we stepped in haha! *The two owners stay juz a rm or two away, saw them only on the first and last day at the Airbnb, but they were polite.*
Put our stuff down, and we drove to South Melbourne Market for lunch. Potato and I randomly shared one plate of paella at one of the eateries at lv 1. 
We just went window shopping since we had the time to spare, and the place was bustling with life on a Weds afternoon! It's like your usual mall.
Yes, and how would my Potato give up his chance of tasting sashimis!? Lol. We had a plate (AUD10) at this South Melbourne Seafood stall, and they were fresh!
Then, we drove to Harbourtown Shopping centre, which closes at 6pm, just to see what's there. There weren't many ppl ard, and some part of the place was under construction, so the place din leave me with a big impression though it's kinda famous. I rmb buying a pair of maroon sneakers, and that we had Viet Pho (AUD12.50 for large bowl) cos we were hungry!
Aft leaving our car back at the Airbnb, we opted to take the Victorian train (Seddon stn jus behind our Airbnb) to Queen Victoria Winter Night Market, which operates from 5 to 10pm. It costed AUD4.10 for 4stops as we crossed two zones... kinda ex. 
The surrounding was pretty quiet and eerie at times, but I had "PotaTOH maps" to guide me hehe~ But man inside that "pasar malam", it was bursting with life!
We met Clare and her family thr too, and chatted for a bit. Potato and I tried Kangaroo meat burger (AUD15) for a start! Not bad o! Then had some satay meat which I can't rmb what that was haha.
Well of cos, with gd music and crowd ard, Potato wouldn't want it to lack in BEER too haha~ I had the pear cider which was nice too. *Not exactly a gd idea to hav cold drink in winter though keke.*
By the time we left, and thinking we hav a long journey of Great Ocean Rd the next day, I forgot that I'd wanted to hav the Matcha Pufflets. Yet somehw Potato rmb-ed yay!
I'm a big kid satisfied with my vanilla ice-cream and Matcha pufflets! It's not cheap but I'm so glad dear and I got to eat it. Then, we waited for bus 220 back to nearby our Airbnb.