Written test interview at SPH + Sep Love X'mas Gathering 2011

1st time taking the circle line from Buona Vista to Bishan, then to Braddell... guess it's 10mins faster than taking the red line straight down to Braddell but I reckon there's nt much diff during rush hr, cos there's quite a bit of walking to do bet. each interchange. 
Been 2yrs since I went back to SPH since LKS scholarship ceremony in 2009. I applied for internship with SPH for NTU's HPAP nex yr. It's the 4-hr written test interview today, and I was all alone in the interview rm after Eugene briefed me a lil' on the test. *lucky there were no other interviewees cos I doubt I can concentrate haha~* And the min Eugene told me to "take out my writing materials", I realised I oni bring one pen there hehe.
Hmm the test for interns was rather ok I tot? 1st, there was a命题作文, and honestly loads of pts came to mind since the qns was rather big, and I had to arrange them properly, deciding wat pts to write etc. I finished the 1.5K essay in about 2hrs, and towards the end I really din get wat I was writing already haha. Then, there were填充and editing of grammar and punctuation etc... was a bit confused while doing but hopefully I did right haha. Last part was translation of a news article from Eng to Chi, and it was one whole article lol! I din take any translation mods in NTU, and man was I lucky I din take cos I realise I definitely need time to re-arrange my ideas and translations into proper, grammatically-right sentences, so translation exams would most prob. drive me mad lol. *Plus, I am rather bad with numbers... fumbling over hw to translate "$6.5 billion" into chi neh lol.*
So, I reckon my qn 3 was even messier than qn 1. Had enough time to check thru my work again, and finally handed it in to Eugene at 6pm lol. 
*Nt worried about the results, wat worries me more is the face-to-face interview.* 

LX came back to SPH's office too, so both of us went down to Novena together to meet Sep Love! We had dinner at this korean restaurant at Novena, recommended by Joy, which was quite gd imo.
The place is almost full house lor. The chicken meat was tender and nice, and we enjoyed the rice and noodle too! I liked the spicy soup, kimchi and金针菇too. There's this sweet drink tat tasted nice too... but Pat and I oni had 1 glass each, then the whole bucket by the side was already gone liao haha.
Think 3 of us oni had 2-3 rounds of food and we were full haha! The service was kinda gd, cos the waiters kept on coming over to help change the aluminium foil, which gt burnt rather easily. And when XN came over late, WZ and Pat kept on putting food on her plate, and it was always full b4 XN knew it every time she turned away haha! Anyway, it was oni $24.20 per person for dinner... could actualli eat till the shop closes o!
*I seriously reek of BBQ smell all over lol~ and my tummies literally bigger nw cos I'm too full!*

Then, we headed over to Coffee Bean for our gift exchange!
8 of us prepared a gift each, and took photos with our own presents b4 giving them away~
We were thinking hw to reveal whoever's present each person actualli gt, and so I suggested we could give hints to let ppl guess who was supposed to get the出题人's gift. 
And so nw let's see whoever gt whose present!
Oh and since it was down to 3 gals on my left (Bel, XN and Pat), who were without any presents, and 3 other on my right (LX, JS and Joy) who has yet to give out their presents... so we decided to do a grp guess. After the hints were given, Bel, XN and Pat were supposed to shake the hands of either LX, JS or Joy whom they think gt their presents. 场面是这样的...
结果是以下的... hehe~
They all guessed right! Clever gals haha. 
Oh come to think of it, I guess we were all laughing and enjoying ourselves so much so that suddenly, there's this nice angmoh guy (XN said he sounds like Australian) who came over. We tot he wanted to tell us to lower our vol since we were damn loud, b4 he fluently explained he tot it wouldn't be nice if 8 of us couldn't take a grp pic together, so he volunteered to help us take pics!
He even volunteered to take a 2nd pic cos he tot the latter's backgrd looked nicer haha. Wished us a "Merry Christmas!" b4 he left. Friendly caucasian, and yeah it feels gd to hav strangers greet u warmly!
Found out tat Bel's into K-Pop nw! Yes~ can find another friend to watch korean shows together with me nw haha!
XN's xmas gift for me... I love this! 喜欢上“木的味道”, I know this sounds weird but I juz do haha. Sep Love gathering this time was a gd one!


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