rRandom trip to Timbre~


Met up with Ben at JP in the afternoon for lunch at Swensens. SY joined us after a while and I was surprised to hear tat SY'd taken MOE teaching award too... wow she's gonna teach maths in sec sch after her NIE training... well the "teacher" image suits her la haha. *Thks for the treat Ben~ lol.*
PH came at ard 3+pm after her lecture, and we were rather bored while stucked at JP, so we decided to go to Timbre after SY randomly mentioned she wanna try the duck pizza there. It was such a sudden decision to go down lor... and PH was in her shorts and slippers lol.
The seafood pizza wouldn't taste as gd if nt for the sauce, but the duck pizza tasted really gd at 1st, but their pizza are kinda cheesy neh... I gt sick of it after like 3 slices lol. Costed us about $20 each person.
And same as the last time we were here b4 I went Shanghai, we din get to see the band performance cos we left the place at ard 8+pm. Walked ard Raffles City, the Link and decided to go home at 9+pm.



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