22/1/2011: "rRandom wWandering" ard central SG...

Resumed tuition with Goklas on Sat morning. Tat boy was complaining to me about some unhappy incident tat happened during his sch camp recently... and man they really walked a lot, somehw reminded me of my sec sch's "Night Trail" a lil'.
After tat, met up with Jess and YB and we headed down to Orchard Central cos YB and Jess wanted to try the Gong Cha there. Erm... it was a disappointment cos we 3 felt tat it wasn't nice at all. Jess even commented tat my Oolong tea one tasted like some "burnt drink" omg haha. Anyway, we saw beautiful decors there and decided to take photos~
Then, we went opposite to Centrept cos YB wanted to get her biscuits from Marks & Spencers. "Dilly-dallied" along Orchard... to Taka, Ion and then finally decided to take train to Bras Basah, since James would be meeting us there too. While waiting, aiyoh we "cam-whored" again lol...
4 of us headed towards Molly Roffie(?) for dinner, the pub owned by YB's dad's friend. Kinda "cold" there cos we reached like 5+pm, somehw too early la. Had Ginger Ale ($6) which was nice. Can't rmb wat Jess drank but James had Gunner initially, but poor him gt "tricked" by YB and exchanged with her Virgin Mary (tat tasted like a mixture of tomato and chilli together omg~) hehe.
The expression he had above was of cos towards the Virgin Mary, like wat YB commented on FB... nt the gift I gave him la!
Jess and I shared the grilled chicken leg for dinner... yummy! YB had her fish n chips, while James had this pork thingy... the meat was a bit tough la haha. Their mushrm soup was kinda thick too... to my liking haha.
Had some time thinking whr to go after dinner, b4 we decided on Promenade haha. Saw Chingay rehearsal there...
Took some pics while we rested at the YOP...
Walked into MBS shopping mall and YB bought us to take a glance of the casino from the top... wow the place looks really big ah. And we saw this figurine below... and it was embarrassing but I really tot tat was oni a figurine! He's for real omg! He was so gd at staying still though... I even missed the blink of his eyes haha... think I blinked more than he did LOL.  
SG's kind of boring huh? Felt like every entertainment u enjoy here costs.
*“零消费的享受”还是有的。但,需要天时、地利与人和呢。Sometimes, it really doesn't matter. I love the breeze... ssShh.*

Was using美图秀秀tat WZ recommended to design my photos, and below are some of the 1st fews I'd done:


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