New year 2011!


QW came over and had her photoshoot at Airstudio on 27/12... me being the "tag-along", took some pics of her doing make-up haha... and yes my fav photo of hers is the 1st one! Oh and the pics are in random order cos I'm too lazy to sort them out haha.
I liked her宫廷古装and silver gown the most... omg super nice! But each of the styles has gt their own feel la... like the gypsy one was wow~ haha.

It was new yr's eve ysd. Mich, QW and I went Bono Salon to cut our hair for a new yr haha. QW and I wanted to dye our hair at 1st, but as it was kinda ex, we din do so in the end. *Mich and QW's gt almost the same bob hairstyle haha~都是出自晓波的手... he created "twins" u see haha~* My had little changes, juz shortened my fringe to uneven cuts. Business was so brisk tat those angmohs looking for晓波to cut had to leave and come the nex day instead... can see hw popular he is sia. *It's RMB38 nw~*

At about 5+pm, we left and went back to meet WT at味知堂for a New yr eve's dinner! *Our waiting time exceeded 15mins and the guy gave us a 15% discount straightaway wow~*
It was packed with ppl la, as usual during evening. We had 4 dishes... the prawn roe egg toufu, steamed fish, "super-yummy-soup" and琵琶鸭~ omg they were all absolutely tasty. I esp loved the soup~
Totalled up to RMB325 after a 40bucks discount. After shopping for a while at Walmart to get some "new yr goods", we cabbed back to dorm. Went to QW's rm at 10+pm to watch countdown concerts on TV... and OMG Lee Hom was at新天地~ so near us yet we were in dorm watching him on TV aiyoh... wat a waste haha.

Alright, my 2011 resolution? Besides the usual I always wish as per past yrs, I think right nw my top priority is to SCRIMP AND SAVE. Well honestly I doubt I can really do tat, but ya'know... I can always TRY haha.


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