Recap: 13th Jan 2011... leaving Shanghai back to SG.

Yes it's been 3-4 days since I am back in SG. Been busy unpacking, tidying and arranging my areas in the house since CNY's coming as well.

Can nv forget how狼狈it was for me, Mich and WT on the day we left Fudan's foreign dorm and headed for Pudong International airport. Woke up at 8am in the morning on tat thurs, and passed the drinking water to Karen, who's sick then. Did a final round of clearing up for my rm tat very morning too. *I accidentally threw away the amulet from宋城too~ aiyoh.*
Mich and WT came at 9am to help bring down my 2 big bags of check-in luggages downstairs, and then we took turns to go to each others' rm and carried all our huge bags...

Even the lobby aunties and uncles were shocked at the sight of the amt of baggages we had lor! Poor us... I had to go to the gate there to flag in a cab, and 3 of us had to literally dragged our gigantic bags a bit of distance till we reach the cab's side. In the end, we managed to split into 2 cabs, with Mich and WT taking one, while I was alone with more things on my cab.


The journey to Pudong Int airport was about 45mins and it amted to RMB180 each cab... so RMB120 per person. Poor WT and Mich experienced motion sickness somemore... 在车子里坐到东倒西歪的~ Anyway, my 2 check-in baggages already weighed 52.7KG, so I was being fined for 22KG... RMB1760. *The pasar malam bag was 21.6KG, while my black luggage was 31.1KG omg~ felt like they were on the verge of "exploding" sia.*

After tat, we sat down for a while b4 proceeding for our check-in at 12.45pm. The officer din really see much of me and WT's tickets and allowed us thru but stopped Mich. WT and I were feeling puzzled so I went to asked the lady officer b4 she told us Mich's hand-carry stuff were too much. *My total was like 15KG I reckon... so much more heavier than hers... but目测看不出啦.* So, Mich was being fined for another RMB200+ or 300+ ba.

My fingers were literally tired and painful from carrying like 7KG bags, and the stupid thick clothes were stuffing me too... headache. Our flight was SQ831 at 1.50pm, and my seat was 45K... juz nice a window seat for me!

Watched a documentary on Mt. Eiger and hw those daring mountaineers tried to "conquer" it. *It's rather a miracle cos I can't seem to finish watching an entire show while on a flight.* The lunch provided was gd~ I liked the fried rice with fish meat. Rested my eyes for the later half of the 5hrs and 5mins journey back to SG.
We touched down in SG at about 7.30pm, and I was so tired from dragging and pushing my bags ard. Mich and WT gt duty-free liquor b4 gg out. Mich's parents were still driving and on the way when we were already at Terminal 3. Soon after they reach, dad and mum helped with my luggages and we cabbed home... SGD30+... ex sia.
*I think the worst thing is I really spent a lot this time round... very broke nw! Roughly an estimation of SGD7000 in total... with nearly SGD500 spent on shipping alone sia~ oh no!*


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