B4 I fly back to SG + สิ่งเล็กเล็กที่เรียกว่ารัก

OMG~ It's already 8th Jan 2011! It's been 4+mths since I stayed in Shanghai for INSTEP and nw I'm gg back to SG on the 13th... which is oni a few days away!

Well I shld say the yr din start off gd for me. Shld hav went to Hangzhou ysd with Michelle and QW, we already paid for the tickets (RMB170+) but I woke up in the morning and vomitted! Sian~ Din slp well the past few nights cos I think I ate too much heaty food, and with a sore left eye, painful teeth and phlegm and all... so I skipped the trip. Thks to WT for getting me some香菇肉丝粥and 3 apples after her trip to Brauhaus(?) haha.
Lucky Mich and QW did help me get a lil' bit of refund somehw, in which I din expect them to get at all. Oh and I got to taste some of the北京烤鸭this morning too~ ah but my tastebud isn't really "working"... so the taste was a bit off.

No appetite up till nw, so I oni had apple for lunch. Had to settle my shipping stuff in the afternoon when the ppl from China Post came. All in all, I paid RMB657.40 for 10kg of airmail, and 14kg of mailing via ship route. *我不会计较那么多,既然我买了那么多东西,那该付的邮费我就会付,不会心痛那笔钱。因为钱固然重要,但它是赚得回来的。* Anyway, I'm oso prepared to be "fined" at the airport la... cos my luggage is like almost 50KG in all.So my rm's rather cleared up by nw...

Ok SG, I am coming!
*拜托,不好运全留在中国吧,let me start my yr in SG with a blast haha!*

And I hav to admit the MV with oni U-Know&Max left in DBSK is real hot! I already watched it like thrice up till nw haha~ OMG! Yes DBSK is missing the other 3 now and I really missed seeing all 5 together, but these duo did it well this time round too.

*QW gt fined RMB1070 for her 20kg bagpack when she flew back juz nw on MU... omg pray hard SIA ain't tat strict with luggage weights!*

On a side note, I juz finished watching this thai movie, "สิ่งเล็กเล็กที่เรียกว่ารัก" (初恋这件小事)... omg so sweet.
Mario Maurer is gd looking as usual... and is it me or he does resemble Lee Hom at some angle? Haha. As for the female lead, yeah she is prettier at the later part of the film, but I prefer her when she was this ugly duckling... all those stupid and dump actions by her and her char bors haha.
It's a happy ending after all, but juz hw many lucky "fews" first love could end up so sweet? Lol.
But am I too old for this kinda movie already? 现在心里的波动已经没有中学生这个年龄层的青少年那么多了。Still, it's worth watching movies tat tickles memories.
*I super enjoyed watching their teacher... freaking funny woman haha!*

Rating: 3.75/5


Zhen said…
Get well soon! Do take care and welcome back in a few days time! 我等着你回来.. haha..
Snowman said…
Yes I will de! Thanks... juz pray hard I dun get fined too much at the airport!

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