Kbox + Chicking with WZ & BBQ seafood with LL & Jess!

Met up with WZ on weds afternoon and passed her the H&M bracelet tat I gt for her in Shanghai haha. We went singing at KBox at Marina Square... $6nett per person from 3 to 6pm. *Tat Kbox was rather big sia... it's amazing hw we took like 3mins to walk to our rm...*
It's been long since we 2 sang together... so yeah tat 3hrs was rather worth anyway... considering the fact tat we 2 din really learn new songs to sing lol. *Still, WZ's the oni one whom could sing“呐喊”with me~*
After tat, she recommended me to dinner at Chicking, a new fast food restaurant at the new Marina Square link... it's "Arabian chicken" neh lol.
We took a look at each others' make-over pictorials, and chatted about our feelings towards our Shanghai INSTEP trip. So much we could talk... so much so tat we even went up to the Mac outside Raffles City and continued our chat when Chicking was about to close for the day haha.
On thurs evening, went Clementi to meet with LL and Jess for a simple dinner at Clementi's foodcourt. Passed Jess her belated bday gift and a small gift for LL from Shanghai hehe. LL ordered all spicy food sia... chilli stingray, chilli tiger prawns and chilli sotong lol...
Costed us $41... kinda ex ah haha... but I liked it though haha. *I tot I'm already quite bad at剥-ing虾壳... Jess worse lor... 20mins eh lol.* Then, we walked ard the new Clementi Mall which oni opened last wk according to Jess... lotsa foodstuff at the basement lvl. Jess bought some durian puffs from FourSeasonsDurian, and we headed to Koi to buy bubble tea.
The "Koi craze" in SG不是盖的lor... kinda long queue even at Clementi eh. I tried their Oolong tea (50% sugar)... $2.20 and it's quite nice I would say... nt too sweet for me.
Oh yeah, our nex outing would be to kite-fly cos LL "miss her childhood days" haha~

*rRandom tThoughts: I'm an "innocent" third party, whom happens to "almost-know-it-all".*


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