Countdown to 2013 + New Year resolution!

*rRandom rRant: It's the 1st day of 2013 and I'm down with a slight fever... what a way to start my new year omo~*

Was supposed to meet YB and the rest in the afternoon on monday early afternoon, but changed to early evening instead. Jess was clad in a pretty black skater dress haha~ oh well I didn't bother to dress anyway like a "lady"... but I liked my white top and necklace hehe. 
It was raining when we went out... such a lazy day. We were deciding between Ma Maison and Chiso Zanmai buffet restaurant, but YB wanted the latter, so Jess and I went first while others were on their way.
Costed $37+ per pax for a weekend evening. Being a "non-buffet" person, I honestly do not know what to start with, so Jess and I grabbed whatever we feel like eating first. *So wrong to eat sushi for beginners cos it's filling...* 
Kayden and YB came first "among the late comers" lol, HR next and Shayne... he was late for 1+hr if I didn't rmb wrongly! Oh well, we had quite some laughter over dinner... so much so that I'm full... such a pity didn't eat more~ Anyway, the food wasn't impressive at all... not much variety imo.
We were undecided on where to go after dinner at first, but someone decided on pool at Marina Square. We were on the street along Clarke Quay when it began to pour omg. *It's funny I've everyone around me who's gd at maths... I simply kept quiet when they were "counting money" lol.* 
We peeked at the movie timings, but none suited us since we wanna catch the fireworks at 12am.
I'm as "noob" as can be when it comes to pool, as usual haha. *Never really learn to hold the pool stick properly lol.* Shayne“客串”as my "master" in my first game lol... oh and it's "tyco" that I actually got the black ball in lol. We played for an hr+, before heading for the fireworks!
Rather chaotic and some foreigners were sorta high too haha. It was a pretty 10mins of fireworks display. The "finale" was especially "wow". We stop over a while at爱琴海 and they were having a countdown party there too. *Poor HR's got to work on New Yr's day... late at night somemore!* Train service operated till 2am though... haha but I got home by 1.30am!
*My belated 24th bday present from YB~ finally lol!*
Almost slpt my whole day away on first day of 2013 cos I was feeling unwell... could it be the food ysd? 

Well I was looking at the random resolution I made in 2012... but I realised I never really stood by and did what I said I wanted to lol. 
Say learning how to cook? Lol~ I still don't know how to.
No more "impractical" resolutions for me. I reckon the most impt thing I've to complete right now is FYP! I am praying hard that I can complete it well and that things wouldn't complicate too much as I go along. 
In 2013, I wanna go for my overseas graduation trip to Korea as planned, find a job that I enjoy and as always, be a better person who keeps on learning. I reckon life's a bumpy journey for most ppl, but it really depends on how we see and overcome it!
Also always~ be thankful to my family, and great friends that I have. 


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