New hairstyle and colour + X'mas gathering with poly and uni friends + 痞子英雄:全面开战

After months of "pudding hair", I decided to go for my new hair colour! I can't rmb the name but the colour is somewhat near to ash and green... a graceful colour imo haha.
I went to the usual salon mum went to on monday. Dunno if the hairstylist were out to坑钱or what, she brought me to the hair scan machine, and another girl was explaining how oily my scalp were and the seriousness of the problem. They recommended me the "EP" treatment that costed $188, on top of the normal treatment that costed $118. As for hair dye, the girl suggested I dye two times due to the fact that my hair was black on the top and brown below, and doing twice would balance the end-pdt hair colour. Dyeing twice meant nearly $140.
The money part is one painful factor, but what's more torturous is having to spend 4hours in a salon, doing nothing but wait... aiyoh. *Then again, I prefer going to a salon alone than having someone waiting for me.* 
I am satisfied with the haircut plus hair colour at the end, and after discount of 25%, it costed me $333! I bought the hair essence ($68) by them, and after deducting what's left in the membership card, I had to top up another $150.
Very expensive dye plus treatment! The above were taken that night, before I wash my hair haha. *One must really blow-dry-style the hair to make sure it looks pretty lol~* My first time trying out this colour, a colour that isn't as bright as my past colours, but appealing at the same time hoho~
With about 100days left before the submission of FYP, it meant that I couldn't procrastinate my work further! I'd done up a "FYP schedule" for me to adhere to, lest I think of going out to play and spending money again, this will serve as a "scary reminder" haha. *Impossible for me to keep to it 100%, but at least I can gauge where I stand every day.*

Was down with heavy flu since the day I did my hair, but still I met up with Pat and WZ on tues evening for our X'mas gathering 2012! Poor WZ experienced serious diarrhoea so she didn't go for work. Pat and I ended up going to her place and we did our gift exchanges there!
WZ gave us each 3 face masks, a pair of earrings and black pouch, whilst Pat bought me a pack of facial stuffs from The Face Shop! In addition, Pat bought us each 2pairs of earrings and a big pouch from Bangkok! *Whoa I have got enough face masks to last me for quite a few months now keke!* WZ was still feeling giddy, so Pat and I went to Vanilla Bar and Cafe for our dinner!
It was still pretty quiet when we reached, and I happen to see "Snowman"!
My tastebud wasn't really "working", but I still ordered the white fillet pieces with penne in tomato creme ($16.90)~ omg I reckon the taste must be so strong cos I can taste the peppery taste a lil'! It was delicious~ Pat loved her salmon burger too
Both of us shared the Vanilla Dirt Cake, but weird it was a mix of hot and cold feel that day, and it was totally chilled when I went for food tasting last time though. 
We talked about Pat's marriage and love life blah. Pat was so funny cos she sounded like WZ and I'd neglected her for not going out with her many a times~ *Okie ah Pat, we'll definitely call u from now on, u better make sure u come ah... lol.
Received my package from Twinkle Pebble by air mail that night. It was pretty much "love at first sight" when I saw the MINI Lover in Paris watch, but it's then when I realised the rather stupid构造too!
Tell me whoever places the control knob near the strap!? It's a pretty watch, but this means I will have to wear it asap lest it runs out of batt later, and I have to regret not wearing it often.

First time wearing my little red heels out for tuition with Tammy on weds. After that, it poured outside and I went all the way down to Tanjong Pagar to meet QW for our 2nd IPL session. QW just came back from Taiwan, and got me this little gift~ thks!
She was ranting on and on about her awful trip overseas though... haha. *Like what WZ says, the right ppl are impt for any trips.* We talked only for a while, and I had to rush down to VivoCity to meet MT, SS and WT to get YQ's 22nd bday presents. 
My leg was really tired, and my calves were rather strained from the height of the heels (even though there's plenty of cushion inside the shoes), so SS and WT went on to find red wine while MT and I sat down at MacDonalds. 4 of us met the rest of the gals at Farrer Park ctrl, and we walked to Le'toile cafe!
Our "3 Snow Whites" were revealed to be YY, MT and SS, while the rest were "6 Dwarfs" haha! See how much fun the girls were having, cam-whoring around? The whole 2nd flr was our territory for a moment!
YY bought for us mini糕点from Shanghai~
I had big breakfast ($14.90) and it was not bad~ esp the potatoes and scrambled egg!
Oh and it was time for our X'mas gift exchanges. We played a few rounds of终极密码, and it was finally decided who's getting who's! Revealing...
I received CapitaLand voucher from SS, and gave my Sasa face mask, nail polish and eye shadow to MT! Next up was YQ's 22nd bday celebration! Well lucky laoda's gotten what she want basically: red wine and a dress! See how YQ's transforming into a little woman now? Keke!
Oh and not to forget MT and SS bought us each something too, as a momento since they have officially graduated from NTU now!
Apparently, MT said I remind her of Chipmunks cos I look intelligent lol~ and others were saying Chipmunks can sing LOL~ okie I didn't know that haha. SS bought us each a mini bottle, let us wrote messages inside for everyone, and even input our own amount of glitters into it! Such a unique and cute momento from her! Thk u MT and SS~ we love your心意s!
Though my legs have suffered terribly that day, I guess the gathering was still a pretty warm-hearted one. It's been 4yrs since we're together in uni, and bonded friendship are precious in any case. I will miss them till the next gathering, and of course hopefully we could go to Korea altogether next year!
Received SM's X'mas card and mini gift on weds night. Was surprised but thkful at the same time. 
Come to think of it... being a freelancer might not be all fun. Sometimes, people doubt you of your abilities. I used to feel so at times when I was an intern, maybe I'm too sensitive, but世俗的一般眼光,一时也很难去改变。

*rRandom wWorry: 我想,我会很后悔没有花更多的时间,尝试去了解一个最亲的人。*
*rRandom wWorry: 亲情和爱情,一旦前者不完美,我就很不愿意跨入后者的领域。*

Managed to start writing my FYP thesis these two days. It's merely the start and I'm spending lots of time coming up with words and translating omg. Schedule is rather tight, but I will spend as much time as I can on it for the time being lo!

The panic and rumour about doomsday on 21st Dec, 7.11pm is officially over now. Life's gonna go on and according to the Mayan calendar, it's the start of a new era or sth, so let's hope things change for the better everywhere in the world! I was planning on watching some "end-of-the-world-movies" but couldn't decide on one. So, I caught "痞子英雄:全面开战" instead.
I'm not interested in getting to the bottom of the whole story, but I sorta understood it 70%, since I watched the drama version before? It's not exactly a replica, since Vic's role isn't reprised in this. A hooligan replaced the original cop instead... and he's quite a funny one too. *I miss Vic and Mark's partnership though.*

Many actors and actresses did great, even in minor roles. 戴立忍as the main baddie was cool~ he's one awesome actor imo. Soler twins and阿Ken as bad guys were evil too. *藤冈靛is one gd-looking dude in there too haha!* 

Great action scenes!

Rating: 4.25/5

C. N. Blue's new song, "Robot"! Jong Hyun looks amazing with his fringe all styled up~ real cool-looking there!

Funny why I keep on hearing "Robert" instead of "robot" lol. 


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