Life of PI + HC314 paper + Bugis V and Itacho with Jess

Was supposedly in the midst of writing notes for HC314's exam, but I had to take a breather. Reviews of "Life of PI" from online sources were all positive, and so I had to catch this 3D movie with QW at IMax cinema at J Cube.

First of all, the 3D effects were brilliant! I admit that I was a lil' giddy after the show (my usual problem), but it'd be a shame not to watch this movie in 3D (yes it's 20bucks but worth imo)! 
I think it's difficult to watch a movie with rather the same setting throughout (i.e. the sea) and not get bored. Then again, I did not feel bored at all watching "Life of PI". PI survived 227days on sea, with the tiger, Richard Parker's company. It's almost amazing how brilliant the child is to make use of all survival tips on a manual, and learning how to tame Parker too.  
The end of the movie leaves a lot more to tell. It feels surreal, yet not at the same time. I mean, it's a tiger... not some domestic animal that PI was with. Just when we thought there's some sort of "kinship" developing between PI and Parker, Parker left without one last glance. 
That was definitely the way to end the movie, I thought. It's neither a happy nor unhappy ending there. It leaves you "tearing apart", emotionally. No betrayal, no mistakes. Everything seems to be fated to happen, and continue to be in a way that it should be: PI growing into an adult and having his own family; Parker leaping into the greenery and disappearing into the wild. 

The morale? Move forward in life. Whatever happened, it was an experience, it is only part of memory... no matter how unforgettable it may be. 

Rating: 4/5

Watched Shin HyeSung's new MV, "그대라면 좋을텐데". Signature soft rock ballad of his I would say.

A random thought flashed past, and so here is a story: 


Sense and sensitivity. 理性与感性。
Lessons in life may not be taught, but we are learning, all along.


HC314's paper was on fri afternoon. Nope I wasn't 100% mugging few days before, but I did notes as usual, and continued watching shows too haha. Saw CY and FR when I reached exam hall C. CY was joking how my first and only paper finally began~ coincidentally it was among the last batch of exam papers in NTU this sem. *I plan on taking HC313 nex sem, and gosh the exam is on the last day too...* 
I thought I did alright for first part of the paper, but I dunno if I chose the right qns to answer. My answer was in a mess towards the end... oh no. HC314's the only graded module for me this sem, so it's gonna affect my GPA, and cGPA too. *Praying hard my result would be better, so at least it sustains my current class of Honours haha.*
Woke up early on sat morning, and I had tuition with Samantha, Joshua and Amanda. *I think I am rather familiar with the "map" of Pioneer now haha.* Joshua and Amanda are going skiing in Korea next fri, and their dad was sharing with me how and what skiing involves. He told me the whole family'd been to nearly 30countries in Europe now, over 80cities, and right now they are starting to explore Asia! *I am so envious, and I'm not sure if I would get the chance to travel that much in life~* 
Felt like I've done a lot in half a day, before I met Jess and we headed to Bugis V to do some X'mas shopping. Bumped in PH and her bf there haha. I bought some stuff that I have been lacking for some time like stocking, shampoo and conditioner etc. We had dinner at Itacho Sushi~ omo the sushi were so nice!  
*"Love is blind" as people say, but as a friend, I wouldn't want her to be blinded. It will take some time for us to see the real him though.* 

*Time to face the music: FYP chiong-ing this dec! Meanwhile, it would still mean tuitions, watching shows till late night, shopping, some X'mas gatherings and maybe freelancing as usual.*


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