Interview @ Boon Tat st + MAMA 2012

DBSK was in town for "SM Town" concert last wk, and they performed their new song, "Humaniods". Caught the MV.

Can see that they are slowly doing better in the duo form now, and "Humaniods" remind me of "Catch Me"'s dance somehow. Nice performance from them as usual!

Started new tuition assignment, with Joshua and Amanda. Haven't seen Amanda yet since she's in Hong Kong. Both children just came back last year after a 4-year stay in Switzerland. The daddy wants them to continue with mandarin and they are learning the basics syllabus in school now. Lucky for me Joshua kinda enjoys chinese lesson in school, and he can learn pretty well. The pressure for me? To give him more homework as the daddy requests... lol I hope he can absorb that many vocabulary at one go. 

Did another assignment at Boon Tat st before my exams. Went for the interviews last weds, and I was waiting for Charylne to do the photoshoot at Athlete's Circle. *我真是“有眼不识泰山”…… didn't know that the shop assistants there were all professional athletes~*

Went over to "No Menu". Oh my I liked the decor of the interior... feels homely somewhat.
We were being ushered to a table very quickly by one of the stuff, and at first I wondered if they even know that I'm there for an interview haha. I didn't get to talk to Mr Osvaldo since he's very busy in the kitchen, but I did talk to his wife, Patricia, daughter Serena and other staffs there. It seems they were taking turn to go up to different tables to explain to customers the dishes as they ate, which was very贴心imo. Oh customers there were all executives and mostly foreigners. *Many were curious when they saw Charylne snapping photos with her professional cam lol.*
Both Charylne and I reckon we were being served the same Amuse-bouche twice lol~ the spicy salame tasted like canned肉丁to me keke. I arranged for 1-hour since we are trying the degustation menu ($98), but oh wow they were so busy it took more than an hour... lunch alone lol.
The cold appetiser was a mix of Parma Ham & Brushetta... liked the pork meat with rock melon and egg salad.
Boiled prawns with mashed potato and the trio pasta were average... did not leave me with deep impression though.
Snapper fillet with white wine and olive oil was a little salty for me, but I wish there were more shrooms omg!
OMG this dessert was the highlight of my course. We had the green apple cake, tiramisu, and the meringue with whipped cream. The whole presentation had a "snowy feel" to it, and all the taste blended good together. The green apple cake was sourish, tiramisu sweet and thick (omo Italian traditional dessert!) and the meringue balanced all other taste cos it was "milky"! *Shall get them ala-carte if I ever visit again!*
Had to rush over to "Tandoori Corner" cos I was late. The boss was already waiting, and even though I requested for only 2 dishes for trying, as usual... many came haha!
Wow they were all spicy except for the Butter Chicken (that looks like pot of curry lol~)... cauliflower was crispy no joking haha. Guess a little mix and match, of taste here and there turns out pretty good keke.
The mango lassi was thick, with blended yoghurt and mango pulp... definitely great to have with all the spicy food here.
Met with the lady boss from Vanilla Bar and Cafe, and we tried the pork belly don with soft boiled eggs, as well as the infamous vanilla dirt cake.
I don't know if I was in "sweet tooth" mode that day or what, but apparently all desserts/cold stuff tasted yummy for me lol. This was no exception, the cheesecake with layer of oreo tasted so much like ice-cream! But hey, there's extra charge for the fake flower and "pot" if you're planning on taking them away.
*Didn't go for food tasting at "Preparazzi Bar.Gourmet" cos their chefs were not in on that day... aish missed their newly launched dishes in December!*
Received the stuffs I bought from Twinkle Pebble on thurs! It took about a week for them to fly over from China. Most of them looked great, especially the two MINI watches above! Mum was all praises for them, and I really liked the intricate designs and details on the watches. *I might splurge there again... oh no.*
Finally, it was after 2 weeks that my article on North Bridge road published! *Sian pay not gonna come in fast though... lol.* 

*rRandom tThought: It seems like the matter's never ever gonna be resolved. It stays as a problem, on and off. I wanna throw all that behind me, yet easier said than done. How can one deny their family?*

Been a while since I was glued to TV! "MAMA 2012" was held in Hong Kong
yesterday, and broadcasted live on Channel U. I watched the whole show for 6.5hours! Sadly, Shinhwa and DBSK weren't there, nor did they win anything (for the show's known to“分猪肉”by fans), there were still awesome moments!
Block B was there to观摩I reckon, and even though they did not win anything, they preformed at the red carpet... cool!

EPIK High and Lee HI's performances were great too! Lee HI reminds me of Lala Hsu a lot. Tablo and his members disguised themselves as characters in "Batman"~ such effort!

Kinda impressed by EXO's performance at MAMA too. They really remind me of SJ when they first debut~ 12 members... huge group ah! I think Suho looks like SiWon omg.

I liked the neon light effects during the short rendition of "Mr. Simple". How did Super Junior members not bump into each other in the dark sia!?

BigBang's presence was the bomb for me that night! Initially, I thought only G-Dragon turned up, since there were no sight of BB downstage. They only appeared during their performance~ 大牌lol! The group's rendition of "크래용" was crazy~ and outshine all others lo! *Except maybe Lee Hom's!* The concept was dark, and oh wow TOP's eyes were hideous! I'm glad he took down those scary contact lenses after the performance... and yes he looks suave in black haha. G-Dragon's hair was red~ I wonder if he dyed/sprayed it backstage just before performing? "Fantastic Baby" reminds me of their concert earlier in SG that I attended... so high!

Didn't agree with some of the winners cos it looks like just a"肯定" for "attending" the ceremony you see. 

*"Shinhwa Broadcast" and "Running Man" are current "staple variety shows" that I watch weekly... hilarious!*
I know it's sian but I got to get myself into the mood to write notes for HC314~ exam is only 6days away!


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