Malacca trip 2016: Day 3 (20th Dec)

Woke up to hav cup noodles we bought from a supermart ysd. My tom yam bee hoon was spicy but pretty shiok~ Aft which, 4 of us walked to三叔公to get whatever土产we wanted, and Ben took the Nonya dumplings he ordered too. 
Headed back to our rm to pack up, oh wow my bagpack looked like it could explode anytime and "piak" one zipper broke. *The other one broke before I went on the trip, but lucky I had Potato to save the day...* 
Lugging our bags, we went into the 3D durian dessert shop we set our eyes on on the first day. They had interesting drinks menu too~ Potato ordered their oyster mee sua, while Ben, Jess and I had the Penang hokkien mee. Pretty rich soup... so I kinda liked it.
The shaved ice durian dessert was really flavourful too cos they used durian flesh to make it. Again, not a fan but I liked it cos of the hot weather, plus the small portion's juz nice for sharing too.
Made our way back to whr we alighted to wait for 707's bus back. We were seated upstairs this time~ more comfortable and slightly more spacious bus. 
Took a rest stop in the middle, and Potato and I bought POTATO chips we saw keke~ It's not bad but nt sth I'd go for again and again.
Reached SG at 7+pm, then Jess and Ben went hm while Potato accompanied me home first, before gg to market and hav dinner together. There's a new Western stall, so I tried their grilled fish while Potato had their chicken chop spag... both were delicious but I tot his was slightly yummier!
So yep, we ate a lot and I saw for myself how Malacca looks like! *First trip overseas with Potato too~ I find him as gentleman as ever! Thank you dear!*